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Cats have a mind of their own - whereas your dog is happy to follow you wherever you go, your cat will sleep wherever she wants, eat when she wants and come to you for cuddles when she decides she wants them! Cats are unique, independent and great pets if you want a companion but would prefer not to take on the walks, one to one and dependence that a dog requires. Most cats when provided with a cat flap will decide when they want to go outside and will return at their leisure (occasionally with a "gift" such as a bird or mouse!)It is not uncommon as they get older that they start to form a routine, you may find they sleep for the same hours in the day in a warm place they choose and will go out to hunt or eat at regular times. Cats are territorial by nature and identify their territory by their scent - this extends from the indoor home throughout the outdoors in which they spend their time. Changes in their territory can not only cause them confusion but can induce stress and anxiety, therefore it is important to provide your cat with his own accessories that are not shared with other cats, animals or children.

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