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Spring is finally on the way - with the relief from the rain and the sight of the sun it is soon approaching puppy and kitten season. Breeders, Vets and owners alike associate the Spring with an influx of puppies and kittens and if you are expecting a litter you will be in the final weeks of the gestation of the bitch or queen. Preparing ahead for the birth of the litter is very important, particularly if you have bitch or queen who is expecting their first litter - being prepared can prevent problems and last minute rushes. Petnap are the leading online supplier of essentials for your expectant pet - from whelping kits to replacement milk, pet heat mats to kittening kits.

It is very important to provide your pet with somewhere to have their litter. A whelping box can be used for puppies or kittens (although it would be better to opt for a smaller size for a queen to kitten) Petnap supply a range of sizes and types if you want to find dog whelping boxes online. From those made of cardboard which are disposable after the litter has been born to a UPVC plastic puppy whelping box which can be used for future litters once disinfected. To make your pets whelping box extra comfortable you can add fleece bedding or a heat pad to give the puppies a warm and relaxed start to their life.

If you are expecting a litter and are looking to find dog whelping boxes online, visit Petnap who offer a range of types from disposable one off use boxes or UPVC Plastic whelping boxes to hire. Click HERE now!