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If you are a cat breeder or even a cat lover you will know how much cats love warmth - whether you have a queen who is due to have her litter of kittens or an older cat (although every cat will find its way to the warmest spot!) having a comfortable and warm bed available gives your pet somewhere to relax and treat as their own. As territorial animals, cats love to have their own bed that they can retire to when they are unsure about situations or just want a quiet sleep (of course now and again you are bound to find your cat lounging on freshly cleaned washing or your favourite chair!)

Even the fluffiest bed can feel cold to an expectant queen or older cat, providing extra warmth for your cat - particularly those with degenerative arthritis or rehabilitating from an illness will help make your cat comfortable and be well rested. Investing in a pet heat mat such as a Flexiguard Heat Pad can provide your cat with a lovely warm bed she will not want to get out of!

If you are looking to find pet heat mats online visit Petnap - suppliers of a wide range of pet accessories. Available in three different sizes, the Flexiguard Heat Pad can be used for cats and dogs. Powered by mains electricity with chew proof cables and manufactured from aluminium, Flexiguard Heat Pads are designed exclusively for animals. Do not be tempted to choose from a range of inferior pet heat mats online, for use around animals you need to be sure the heat pad is chew proof and can withstand the odd accident.

To see the wide range of pet accessories on offer at Petnap visit www.petnap.co.uk