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Whether you are breeding your first litter or you are an established breeder, preparation is the key to a smooth and problem free birth. Waiting for a litter to arrive is an anxious time for any owner - whether you have a queen or bitch of any breed or type - you want to make sure that things move forward naturally and your new arrivals are healthy, alive and alert. Preparing ahead for the birth can be done as soon as you know you have a litter on the way, investing in certain products and to find whelping kits online can help support your bitch or queen during the birth and in case of an emergency. If you are looking for any supplies for an upcoming litter look no further than Petnap the leading online supplier of essentials for your expectant pet - from whelping kits to replacement milk, pet heat mats to kittening kits.

Having replacement milk available may sound strange - after all, your bitch or queen will provide the nutrients required for growth in your puppies and kittens during lactation. Unfortunately in some cases, for example a large litter or a problematic birth, the new mother will be unable to produce enough milk to supply the demands of her babies. In these cases it will be necessary to supplement the puppies and kittens with specially formulated milk. Cow's milk must never be used to feed these young animals as they do not have the digestive enzymes required to process this type of milk. Correctly formulated puppy and kitten milk from Petnap will meet the demands of growing puppies and kittens while remaining easy on the digestive.

If you are expecting a litter and are looking to find whelping kits online, visit Petnap who offers a range of accessories and requirements for any owner or breeder. Click on ME! now!