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Kittening Kit

Kittening Kit

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A comprehensive pack of must-have items for the coming kittening.

* 2oz bulb syringe / nasal aspirator
* Scales (up to 5000g)
* LED Torch (inc batteries)
* Scissors (sterile, nursing)
* Stethoscope (medical grade)
* Digital Thermometer (incl cover)
* Disposable Pulp Kidney Dish
* Cimicat Formula (350g)
* Lactol Feeding Kit (inc bottle, 2 x teat, cleaning brush)
* 2ml Syringe (sterile, medical grade) - 3No
* 5ml Syringe (sterile, medical grade) - 2No
* Hand Sanitizer (59.25ml)
* Spencer Wells Forceps (Sterile, Straight, Stainless Steel)
* Sponge
* Flannel (30cm x 30cm, cotton) - 2No
* Cotton Wool Balls (sterile pk of 5) - 2No
* Comfigel Lubricating gel (5ml, medical grade) - 2No
* Alcohol Swab (sterile individual sachets) - 8No
* Milton Sterilising Tablets (individually wrapped) - 4No
* Latex/Vinyl Gloves (medical grade) - 4No Pair
* Disposable Apron (inc back tie) - 10No
* Training Pad - 2No
* Scented Disposal Bag (sm) - 5No
* Kitten ID Bands (Tyvek: Non tear bands) - 20No
* Kittening Advice & Forms Disc- 1No

**Please note the scales in this kit may vary!!