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Petnap: Heated Dog Mat

Whether you have a pregnant bitch expecting pups, a dog recovering from an illness or operation, or you simply want to pamper your pet, a heated dog mat is a good buy. Petnap sell two main types of mat, the best one for new born pups is probably the metal one with the Cosicovers you can buy separately. The covers provide that extra bit of comfort for the litter. When the puppies are first born they rely on external heat sources, if your dog is too exhausted to provide warmth to her pups, the heated mat will do it for her.

As well as the standard metal pad, there are Flexiguard mats which come in three sizes and are made from aluminium. They heat up fast and are all supplied with mains plugs. There is a discount if you buy a pack of ten, handy for kennels or veterinary surgeries.

Vinyl mats are another option, they are cheaper, more flexible than the metal ones and lighter, but bear in mind, they are not chew-proof so probably best for older dogs. All the mats can be plugged into the mains, there is even an adaptor so you can take your mat with you in the car (for long, cold drives).

The heated dog mat is designed to be left switched on all the time and is surprisingly energy efficient; Petnap gives the formula for working out exactly how much it will cost you to run, based on your own supplier's charges. The metal Flexiguard heat mat 55 and 44 both have internal thermostat's, as do all the heated beds on sale from Petnap. There is an extensive FAQ section and Petnap are happy to deliver within one working day of you placing your order.