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Whelping Heat Pad

Whelping Heat Pad

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Newborn puppies are very vulnerable to chills in their first few days as they cannot control their own body temperature and reply on the bitch for heat or a secondary heat source such as a heat mat. We have always preferred to use heat mats rather than heat lamps, as they provide the heat underneath the pups, where its needed, rather than risking overheating the bitch. (Not to mention that fact that heat lamps are very expensive to run, consuming up to 10x the electricity consumed by a heat pad)

The heat pad is best used on the surface of the pet fleece, rather than under it. Only up to 1/2 of the floor of the box needs to be heated, again, to avoid the bitch not being able to get away from the warmth when she needs to cool down. These are plastic / vinyl pads & are not going to be suitable for animals that chew. Please click this llink for our metal Flexiguard heat pads, Spare covers available
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We don't recommend these pads for use in Veterinary centres, for this our recommendation is either the Flexiguard 44 or the Flexiguard 55.

These vinyl pads may not be suitable for animals that chew!!!! The armouring supplied on all of our heated pads is there simply to help protect the cable with in, it is not a guarantee that your pet will not be able to chew it or through it.