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What to look for in a Heat Mat when you Buy Pet Heat Mats Online

If you are expecting a litter of puppies or kittens you will no doubt be anxiously awaiting their arrival - each time your bitch or queen looks like she is preparing for giving birth you will be ready and waiting! Having all the necessary and emergency supplies at home ready in case the unexpected happens can prevent problems and a late night rush to find pet supplies which may not be available. Having a pet heat mat available for your expectant queen or bitch to sleep on and for the litter when it arrives provides a warm area for their comfort and protection. But what should you look for when choosing a pet heat mat:

Chewproof! Choose a pet heat mat that is manufactured for use with pets - for example the Flexiguard Heat Pad is made from aluminium and with chew proof cables.

Available in a variety of sizes so there is one that is ideal for the size of your pets crate, whelping box or bed

Economical to run - you don't want something that eats up electricity, instead creating warmth at a low cost.

Accident proof! We all know pets have the odd accident - for example Flexiguard Heat Pads are designed to withstand the odd accident and are available with a range of compatible covers.

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