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What to look for in a whelping box

With Spring here, it is the classic puppy and kitten season. If you are expecting a litter of puppies or kittens you will no doubt be anxiously awaiting their arrival -you will be watching your bitch or queen for any signs of impending labour! Having a whelping box available for your bitch to make her nest and claim as her own, where she can sleep and for her to deliver the litter when it arrives provides not only a warm area for their comfort but helps protect the puppies But what should you look for when choosing a whelping box:

Reusable v disposable - whelping boxes are available in both hardwearing and long lasting plastic or PVC designs which can be used again and again if you are a breeder. If you are only expecting one litter it may be preferable to choose cardboard which can be disposed of after the litter has weaned.

Choose the correct size - the box should be able to accommodate the bitch measured from nose to tail (adding several inches for moving around)

Order extras - pet heat mats, fleece bedding and absorbent puppy pads will come in very useful not only to keep your whelping box dry but to add warmth and comfort for the bitch and puppies.

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