Whelping Supplement Kit

Raspberry Leaf tablets: Raspberry Leaf has been known as a birth aid for 100s of years. It tones smooth muscle such as the Uterus and so helps ensure an easy and straightforward delivery.
1 x 100 tablets supplied.
Dosage: 1 tablet per 10kg of bodyweight given daily from 3rd week of gestation until 1 week after whelping/kittening.

Wheatgerm Oil capsules: A valuable oil to supplement the diet by providing a natural source of vitamin E to maintain fertility and a healthy reproductive system.
1 x 100 capsules supplied.
Dosage: 1 capsule per 10kg of bodyweight given daily given for one week before mating and should continue for 3 weeks following mating to offer protection against abortion or absorption.

Caulophyllum 30C: Helps during whelping & kittening and quickly increases contractions and aids delivery.
1 x 30 pillules supplied.
Dosage: Give one every hour as soon as contractions begin. Continue until delivery is completed.

Urtica Urens 30C: Prepared from Nettle herb increases milk flow in lactating females.
1 x 30 pillules supplied
Dosage: Give one 3 times per day for up to one week