LitterHouse - The PURRfect Pussycat Present

LitterHouse - The PURRfect Pussycat Present

Litter & Urine Containment
The LitterHouse unique walkway design collects litter from your cats paws as he exits the litter pan. The LitterHouse is a fully enclosed litter box that contains all litter and urine spray inside the house. Unused litter is not wasted and your litter box environment is cleaner.

Odour Control
LitterHouse litter boxes help control the foul odour associated with your traditional cat litter box. The chimney charcoal filter works to diminish odours between regular litter box cleanings.

Cat Privacy
LitterHouse litter boxes provide complete privacy for your cats comfort. The litter pan is completely out of sight.

With the unique design of the LitterHouse litter box; medium and large breeds of dogs are not able to access the litter pan. Therefore effectively stopping dogs from eating cat litter and possibly even saving their lives.

Easy to clean
With a regular scooping routine, your LitterHouse litter box maintence will only take minutes a day! The high density plastic make cleaning your litter box quick and easy. Simply wipe down inside of walls with your usual cleaning products, scoop the litter pan and separate the walkway and empty unused litter back into litter box. Replace the house enclosure and your done!

The charming appearance of The LitterHouse makes having a litter box in your home a pleasure. Completely improves the appearance of your litter box area. The LitterHouse looks great in any room. No need to hide the LitterHouse litter box!

25.5 inches long x 14 inches wide (17 inches wide at porch). 21 inches high to roof pitch, 14 inches to top of wall. Door opening - 7.5 inches wide x 11 inches high.
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