Heated Cat Bed for your Pet or Dog

The winter chilly months can be uncomfortable for cats and pets alike, especially those breeds with thin to little fur or those completely hairless breeds such as Sphynx.

One way of keeping your cats warm and cosy, could be to provide them with a heated cat bed, these beds have a heating element contained in the base of the bed. Heated cat beds are very popular during winter amongst cat owners.

Are heated cat beds safe?

Yes, heated cat beds are safe for your cats, because they are designed with features and requirements in mind to keep them safe. The manufactures of cat beds strongly look at safety precautions before manufacturing and final designs are confirmed. The heating element in these beds are safe and provides the perfect temperature to keep your cat warm.

What to look out for when choosing a heated cat bed:

  • Make sure the cord has plenty of length so your cat stays away from the electrical socket. This reduces the risk of electrical accidents. 
  • The wire/cable should have a form of protection from chewing possibilities. 
  • There should be some form of built-in thermostat(s) to regulate the temperature output of the heat pad/mat.
  • Make sure the heating pad removable heating pads and washable covers that are easy to clean. 

Types of heated cat beds: 

Electric heated cat bed 

Common heated cat bed, run on heating element contained in the base of the bed, the element runs on electricity. The electric heating pad  generates constant heating for when you want continuous heat for longer periods of time.