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Cat Beds for the 6 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK 2022

6 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK in 2022 and their Cat Beds:

Cat Beds

1)    Tabby:

Tabby is not exactly a breed but it still needs its cat beds. The Tabby instead is descriped by the markings found on a cat’s body. As a matter of fact, there are numerous pedigree cats that have been registered as tabby, owing to the intricate markings on their bodies. You will be surprised to know that you can make over a 100 tabbies stand next to each other, and no two cats will share the same bodily markings (although they will all have the classic ‘M’ mark on their foreheads).

Tabby patterns can be divided into the following categories:


Classic tabbies can have a diverse range of colors from rich orange to silvery gray. However, the distinguishing aspect of a classic tabby is the circular whorls that are more prominent on the sides of their bodies.


As you can guess, the prominent feature of a spotted tabby would be spots (and not stripes) spread across its coat. That said, these markings will still form bands – the only difference is that the lighter colors will break down the darker fur shades.


A mackerel tabby will have dark bands around the legs and tail, and stripes on the rest of its body.


Patched tabbies are also called tortoiseshells, since they have lighter fur patches – usually orange or red – running across the coat.


Out of all tabby types, the ticked tabby brags the clearest coat, generally consisting of a handful of stripes on the legs or tail. However, the ticked tabby will still possess the distinctive ‘M’ mark on the forehead.

2)    British Shorthair Cat Beds:

British Shorthair is believed to be the UK’s oldest cat breed, and has always been a very popular pick for cat lovers. They also love a cat bed.

The reasons behind this popularity are the British Shorthair’s round and plump body, plush and thick coat, larger-than-life persona, and round and inviting faces that never say no to a cuddle.

This affectionate and placid nature means that the British Shorthair will typically reciprocate your love and fondness. This makes it the perfect choice for someone who wants a cat that they can snuggle on the sofa with.

The British Shorthair has an above-average life expectancy and, when properly cared for, the breed can even live for more than 14 years. This breed is not particularly vulnerable to illnesses and ailments but, owing to its slow metabolism, is susceptible to obesity.

3)    Siamese Cat Beds:

Siamese cats originated in Thailand (Thailand was once called ‘Siam’).

The Siamese is amongst the most recognizable cat breeds, owing to its distinctive coat comprising a large blanket having certain dark points (generally, these ‘points’ are the face, tail, feet, and ears).

Another distinguishing feature of the Siamese cat is its vocal nature. This cat loves to talk and cares little about whether you are in the mood to listen or not.

Like the British Shorthair. This breed is also very loving and affectionate, which means that you can expect plenty of bed, sofa, and lap snuggles. Unfortunately, the Siamese cat is particularly prone to a number of health conditions, including feline asthma, intestinal tumors, and mediastinal lymphoma.

4)    Maine CoonCat Beds:

The Maine Coon is unarguably the largest domesticated breed. Did you know that the largest cat in history, named Stewie, was a Maine Coon and approximately 49 inches long?

However, appearances can be deceiving, and that is certainly the case with the Maine Coon. Behind its large and intimidating physique resides a sweet, gentle, and affectionate personality that has captured the hearts of millions of cat lovers throughout the country.

Apart from its loving nature. A Maine Coon’s tendency to clown around and find peculiar sleeping places, just adds to its adorability factor.

5)    Bengal Cat Beds:

Bengals have only been in the United Kingdom for less than two decades. Even in this short span, have managed to become one of the most loved breeds in the country.

This stunning breed has a clear marbled or spotted coat, indicating its relation to the wildcat. Although the Bengal might look like a miniature version of the wildcat itself, it is actually incredibly confident and playful. In fact, it is one of those rare breeds that even enjoy water games.

Bengals are not particularly prone to any illnesses and have a life expectancy of over 12 years.

6)    Ragdoll Cat Beds:

Ragdoll has been so-named because of its tendency to go completely limp as soon as you hold it. Despite being quite large in size, this breed is one of the friendliest and calmest you will ever come across.

This mild and lovable temperament is probably only bettered by the Ragdoll’s looks. The Ragdoll, with its tufted paws, blue eyes, and fluffy coat, is not unlike a large teddy bear.

Ragdolls are very social and affectionate, enjoy attention. They will lovingly follow you around the house and get a quick snuggle whenever the opportunity pops up.

 Final Word:

Cat ownership in the UK has seen steady and quite significant increases over the last few years. While there are a wide range of cat breeds that you will find in British households, the ones discussed in this blog are among the favorites, each and every cat loves a cosy cat bed from Petnap.