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Petnap® have been supplying boarding kennels and catteries with pet bed heaters since 1973, from humble beginnings, the founder of Petnap® was making Petnap’s® in his garden shed for his own beloved pets, it didn’t take long before word spread and his friends and family started asking him for them as well.

Within 12 months he was turning over £40,000 a year, remember this was in the 1970’s when you could buy a 3 bed house for about £3000, the product designs and rights were later sold as the intention was never there to make it a business, over the years Petnap® has gone on to produce and sell more and more products and is now a leading UK company for the supply of whelping items.

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By using individual units, the cost is restricted as only the beds that are occupied are heated.
The large winter bills caused by heating the whole cattery or kennel for only a few residents are then avoided.

Using the Flexiguard® model helps to prevent the RISK of cats or dogs chewing through the electrical wire.

Many deaths of puppies and kittens is due to hypothermia. The newly-born puppy or kitten needs a high body temperature and is entirely dependent on provided heat during its first few days of life, needing a mother, litter mates and/or artificial means to maintain body temperature.

Cold puppies and kittens increase their oxygen consumption and then fall into deep hypothermia which can be fatal. Petnap® provides a constant source of heat from below to which new born animals respond best.

A Petnap® used during whelping and kittening keeps the mother and puppies comfortable and warm and is ideal for building into a breeding box to provide an extra source of heat and cut the risk of exposure. It should only cover around half of the box to allow the mother freedom of movement whilst keeping any new born animals warm even when the mother is away for some time.

Petnap® will also provide essential heat for orphaned animals and those recently parted from their mothers and for post-operative. Petnap® has been designed to accommodate the kind of wetting received during birth and we recommend it is covered with either newspaper or fabric. Only use a thin single layer of material though to avoid the pad becoming too insulated and causing excessive heat build-up.

We DO NOT Recommend using Vet bed or similar on top of a heat pad as the vet bed will prevent the heat reaching the animal and will cause the pad itself to build up excessive heat.
Please note: If being used for animals that are immobile and unable to shift position themselves including new puppies you should alter their position regularly.