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Agility Training

Petnap have put together a selection of dog agility training equipment as it grows more and more in popularity. The equipment is well made in Germany and is built to last. The agility pet equipment or dog assault course as we like to call it is great for getting you dog up to competition level as well as ensuring many hours of fun for dog and owner. Instead of taking your dog for a walk everyday make it a bit more fun by having a couple of runs round the course.
Agility Hurdle

Agility Hurdle 19.99

Agility Basic Tunnel

Agility Basic Tunnel 89.99

Agility Tunnel

Agility Tunnel 32.99

Agility Sack Tunnel

Agility Sack Tunnel 54.98

Agility Slalom

Agility Slalom 44.99

Agility Seesaw

Agility Seesaw 114.89

Agility Walk Over

Agility Walk Over 169.88

Agility Hoop

Agility Hoop 24.98