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Pet Grooming

Petnap hold a huge stock of pet grooming items from dog hair clippers to tick removers for both cats and dogs. With every item available from stock you can simply select all your pet care grooming items at one time. All of our grooming range has been specifically designed for the pet, right down to the scissors.

You can be assured of high quality long lasting items that will with standard the test of time and some very matted pet hair.
Metal Groomer (Coarse)

Metal Groomer (Coarse) 6.98

De-Matting Comb

De-Matting Comb 5.99

Coat Untangler

Coat Untangler 4.00

Claw Scissors

Claw Scissors 4.49

Thinning Scissors

Thinning Scissors 7.99


Scissors 6.98

Trimming Knife (Coarse)

Trimming Knife (Coarse) 7.99

Soft Brush

Soft Brush From

Care Brush

Care Brush 4.99

Moser Rex Mini Clipper Set

Moser Rex Mini Clipper Set 55.00

Coat Care Glove

Coat Care Glove 4.99

Safecard Tick Remover

Safecard Tick Remover 1.99