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Heated Pet Beds

Petnap hold a great range of various heated pet beds for your cat or dog. Our beds are heated from the base via a heated pad. The beds consume very little power and are safe to be left on continuously. The heated beds come in a variety of colours and size to suit all size pets.

Heated Pet House

Heated Pet House From 47.99

Plastic Animal Pods

Plastic Animal Pods 38.39

Heated Cat Domes

Heated Cat Domes 33.60

Heated Soft Beds

Heated Soft Beds From


Customer Favourite
Round Heated Pet Bed

Round Heated Pet Bed 36.00

Current Best Seller
Oval Heated Pet Bed

Oval Heated Pet Bed 34.80

Pink Heated Cat Dome

Pink Heated Cat Dome 33.60

Blue Tunnel Heated Pet Bed

Blue Tunnel Heated Pet Bed 33.60

Vinyl Pet Heat Pad

Vinyl Pet Heat Pad From 27.60

Heated Dog or Cat bed

Heated Dog or Cat bed From 108.00

Pet Bed Wash 1Litre

Pet Bed Wash 1Litre 11.99