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Best Pet Heated Bed

Best Pet Heated Bed

Best Pet Heated Bed

Best Pet Heated Bed for pet owners, pets are like their children. Your pet is a significant part of your family, and you would be willing to do anything to make them feel safe and comfortable at home. This is why pet owners don’t think twice when it comes to spending on their canine friend’s comfort.

But when talking about your pet’s comfort, one significant thing that most pet owners often forget is providing them with a warm, heated space to allow them a good night’s sleep.

It’s obvious most pet owners’ first preference is to sleep with their pets and cuddle them all night to make them feel loved and safe. However, do you ever wonder if your pet would rather prefer their own bed where they can spend some time on their own? Well, this is one common confusion most pet parents face – whether they should invest in a pet bed or not. Let alone a heated pet bed – is it a luxury, a necessity or a complete no-no?

Well, if you are facing the same dilemma right now, this article might help you. Today, we are discussing heated pet beds and discussing their pros and cons to end this age-old confusion:  whether pet owners should invest in these beds or not. So without further ado, let’s go.

What Are Heated Pet Beds?

Quite evident from their name, heated pet beds are simply beds for domesticated pet animals, such as dogs and cats. They are designed to produce heat and boost warmth on the surface for your pet, where they can radiate heat back at them and have a comfortable space to lie down.

Should you buy these heated beds for your pets? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of Buying a Heated Pet Bed

·         Helpful for Senior Dogs and Cats

As our pets grow old, they tend to become more fragile and weak and, most importantly, lose hair density and body fat that keeps them insulated in winter. You must have noticed that young cats and dogs love being out in the winter or playing in the snow, but elderly pets prefer staying indoors, rolled up in a ball of fur in a warm corner of the house.

That’s because, just like humans, these animals also tend to get colder easier with age. They find it harder to regulate body heat and must be provided with a cosy and warm environment to spend their time, especially during winter. And a heated pet bed comes in handy in these situations because they provide plenty of warmth for your elderly pet friend to comfortably spend time indoors.

·         Great for Short-Haired Pets

There is no doubt that pets with short hair, such as Chihuahuas or American shorthair cats, are much more sensitive to cold than cats and dogs belonging to long hair breeds, such as huskies and Persian cats. This is why pet owners with short-haired pets need to be extra careful during the colder seasons to make sure their furbabies are warm and cosy. And one great way to ensure this is to invest in a heated pet bed that can keep them warm indoors.

·         Helps With Pain Relief

When humans have cramps or muscle aches, we prefer taking a hot shower or using a heating pain to soothe our sore body. Well, similarly, animals also prefer warmth in times of pain and a heated pet bed truly helps with that. If your cat or dog has been through surgery or is elderly with joint aches, warmth will really help jumpstart their circulation, and help them in relieving pain. Therefore, it is suggested to buy a heated pet bed to provide your furry friend with a comfortable warm surface.

·         Helpful for Pregnant Pets and Their Babies

Just like elderly or injured animals, pregnant cats and dogs are also very sensitive to cold and warm spaces and help them feel relaxed and relieved from pregnancy pain. Therefore, if you have a pregnant cat or dog in your home, you should get a heated pet bed where they can lie down and relax in the warmth, especially when they are closer to labour.

Moreover, newborn kittens and puppies are also sensitive to cold and should be kept in a warm environment. Placing a heated pet bed, along with an enclosed whelping box, would be a great idea to make them feel cosy and comfortable.

Cons of Buying a Heated Pet Bed

·         Can Be Unsafe

Heated pet beds can pose electricity and fire hazards. When  there are minimal chances of this, there is a slight chance for this occurrence. Moreover, we know cats are curious, and dogs are chewers. There are chances you might find your cat messing with the sock or your dog chewing on the electrical wire giving in to their inherent behaviour.

Hence, this is a risk some pet owners would rather avoid taking. However, we suggest you do your research and buy heated pet beds from a reliable company that provides safe beds with mild heating to totally eliminate this risk!

·         Can Be Expensive

We can deny heated pet beds are just another expensive accessory for our spoiled pets that some pet owners are not willing to spend on. However, you may find companies that provide high-quality heated pet beds at affordable prices. Because if you love your furbaby so much, spending some extra money on their comfort shouldn’t be a problem.

Should We Buy a Heated Pet Bed?

Heated pet beds are, undoubtedly, a great investment, especially if you prioritise your pet’s comfort over anything else. These beds may not look absolutely necessary, but they are helpful and ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy.

Some pet owners have relevant concerns about the safety of these accessories, but we would like you to note that heated pet beds are a one-time investment, and if you do some research, you can find some affordable and absolutely safe pet beds for your pet baby!