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Breeding Dogs at Home

Breeding Dogs at Home


Breeding Dogs at your home can be therapeutic. Dogs are supposed to comfort humans in their worst times, so it would only be fair if humans did the same for them. Breeding dogs require extra care from their caretakers because of the situation’s sensitivity.

If you raise a breeding dog, taking responsibility for their babies comes with it. There is a list of items that you must have before your dog is ready to breed. Scroll down to know more.

1.                  Breeding Box/Bed Breeding Dogs

It would be best if you had a breeding or whelping bed ready for your dog when it is all set to give birth to some beautiful puppies. A comfortable bed with soft foam must be present to comfort the breeding dog so it can efficiently deliver.

The bedding should be made of a material that can absorb urine and other fluids. Such material can release them from the discomfort of getting all wet. Make your breeding bed home or order it online from different sites.

2.                  Breeding Bed Railings

Setting up some railings around your dog’s whelping box can provide it with a sense of comfort. This railing turns your whelping bed into a whelping box that looks all cozy with comfortable sheets. The railings can be purchased separately or with the bed, according to your convenience.

3.                  Whelping Blankets

There needs to be more than just sitting on a comfortable whelping bed, as the blankets provide extra comfort to the breeding dogs. You can put it on them when they start to feel discomfort so that it can retain their body heat level.

4.                  Digital Thermometer

Make sure you have a digital thermometer to keep track of your breeding dog’s body temperature. It has been said that the puppies are ready to be born once the mother’s body temperature drops below 98 degrees.

You will also need a thermometer for the puppies so that you can instantly take care of them if an emergency occurs.

5.                  Medical Scissors

Once the dog gives birth to the puppies, you will need a pair of medical scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Therefore make sure it stays within your reach in case of emergency.

6.                  Surgical Gloves

You will not be able to take care of the dog and its puppies if you do not protect yourself from the germs. Surgical gloves are a must-have for your safety against bacterial or viral infection.

7.                  Alcohol Pads

Make sure to disinfect the accessories after each use to avoid any infection. You must clean scissors and different tools thoroughly before any use.

8.                  Dog Lubricant

Since you will be helping your dog deliver its babies, you must have a lubricant ready to use. If the puppies get stuck somewhere in the middle, this lubricant will help them come into this world much more quickly.

9.                  Flashlight

Power outrages can surprise anyone, no matter which country you are living in. Suppose you deliver puppies in the middle of the night, and suddenly the power goes off. You must keep a flashlight in case you come across such an emergency.

The light will also prevent the animals from panicking in the middle of their most crucial life stage.

10.             Paper Towels for Breeding Dogs

Keeping things around you is essential, so your house doesn’t become a mess. Paper towels can help you tidy your whelping area, so the dog does not feel discomfort.

11.             Heat Padpet heat pad

Keep your heat pad ready for the puppies, as they can not initially regulate their body temperature. If they come in winter, a heat pad becomes more of a necessity so that they do not suffer in cold weather.

12.             Trash Bags

To avoid any mess after the delivery, you should keep the trash bags ready for the placenta. Some dogs eat their placenta after delivering babies. It might sound odd, but it is okay to do so only if they consume it in a small amount.

13.             Iodine for Breeding Dogs Breeding Dogs iodine

Iodine is used on the umbilical cord to keep the area as clean as possible. The solution helps prevent germs from spreading, which can cause different illnesses.

14.             Feeding Formula for Breeding Dogs

Once the puppies are delivered, they become your responsibility and the breeding dog. Make sure you have the feeding formula ready for them if the mother cannot feed them.

It would be best if you used it only upon indication. Otherwise, unnecessary feeding can cause complications for the puppy.

15.             Puppy Scale Breeding Dogs Scales

Make sure you keep track of their weight by measuring it with a puppy scale. You must consult a vet if they are not gaining enough weight each day.

16.             Disinfectant Solution for Breeding Dogs

After the puppies are born, try disinfecting the area at any cost to avoid diseases. The germs can cause severe illnesses in both animals and human beings.

17.             Ribbons Or Collar Tags

Since your breeding dog will be giving birth to multiple cute little puppies, you must keep different name tags or ribbons ready. Those tags will help you identify every one of them so they can be given relative assistance.

Please do not use a small name tag that will require you to separate them from their mother. Use something that you can quickly identify from far away. You can tie colored bows on their leg or neck so that they can be seen relatively quickly.

18.             Disposable Syringes for Breeding Dogs

Sometimes the puppies feel too weak to be sucking milk from their mother right after birth. In that case, ensure you have the disposable syringes ready to insert fluids into your mouth.

Conclusion on Breeding Dogs

Having a breeding dog at your home is not easy, but you can take care of them with the right tools and guidance. Humans and animals, too, require delicate care at this time. Make sure you deal with them in the most caring way possible, as if you are handling your child.

You must keep some things in your whelping box if you are raising a breeding dog at your house. We listed most of those necessities to avoid any inconvenience during delivery. We hope our mentioned list of things eases down their process of giving birth.