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Buy Pet Heat Pad

Buy Pet Heat Pad, Many cats and dogs just love curling up for a nap in the warmest spot they can find. You should consider a Pet Heat Pad. A pet heat pad is the perfect way to guarantee there’s a cozy place for them, whatever the weather. This can be especially useful for older pets, or those with a litter of puppies or kittens.

These include a removable, washable cover. This pad is also thermostatically controlled, meaning it heats up to the body temperature of your pet, but won’t overheat above this.

Pet heating pads are for every four-legged friend that loves a toasty, cozy spot to nap in. Cats and dogs both!


Our heat pads come in 3 sizes Standard, Large and Giant. The standard size heat pad also has a choice of 2 power supplies 230v with a standard house plug on. Or you can have the 12v version which has a 12v house adaptor and an in car power plug commonly know as the cigarette lighter. All the pads come with 1x red detachable zip up cover as shown above. Spare covered are also available to purchasefromour website. A common misconception is that the larger the heat pad the hotter it gets this is not correct as the heat pads all reach the same temperature.