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Caring for Newborn Puppies

Caring for Newborn Puppies

Caring for Newborn Puppies – 7 Things to Know

Caring for Newborn Puppies When you bring home can be an abundance of joy that comes with it. But along with the joy also comes a lot of responsibility. Newborn puppies require special care, as they cannot survive on their own just yet. It’s important to understand what’s necessary to ensure these little fur babies are taken care of properly. Here are some essential things to know when caring for newborn puppies.

Caring for Newborn Puppies

What to Expect

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting milestone in the life of any pet owner. Every puppy starts their journey with you as an adorable and fragile bundle of joy, and your job is to provide them with a safe and loving environment to help them grow. Puppies need special care when first settling into their new home – they will require frequent meals every two to three hours, as well as extra warmth due to their relatively undeveloped bodies.


Additionally, puppies won’t be able to control their bladder or bowels like older dogs, so prepare for some additional cleaning work along the way. Despite this extra effort, you’ll find that seeing your puppies develop into happy, healthy pups is worth every minute!

When to Vaccinate Them

Vaccinating your puppies is an important step in ensuring their good health. Starting at six weeks of age, puppies should begin a series of vaccinations to help them develop immunity against various diseases. While it can feel overwhelming to remember when each vaccine is required, consulting with your veterinarian can make the process much simpler.


Your vet will recommend an individualised vaccination schedule for your puppy in order to give them the best protection possible. Vaccines are relatively inexpensive and provide long-term protection against a variety of illnesses and conditions that could otherwise be difficult or even impossible to treat.

How to Potty Train Them

Potty training puppies may require a great deal of patience, but it is a key step in ensuring they develop into well-adjusted and well-mannered adults. It is recommended to start potty training early as this helps to minimise bad habits that may be difficult to break. The best way to accomplish potty training with young puppies is to use the crate training method.


With crate training, puppy owners confine their pup to the crate or small pen when they are not being watched. This is in order for the puppy to understand that it must wait until going outside to relieve itself. This technique can help your pup develop better discipline and also feel safe coming out of its own space when necessary.


Additionally, puppies learn more through consistency, so it is important for owners to remain committed when applying this technique.

How Much Exercise They Need

Taking your puppies for daily walks and playing with them in a safe area is essential for keeping them happy and healthy. Walks and playtime provide both physical and mental stimulation that helps ensure puppies stay energized, exercise their bodies, reduce boredom, and prevent behavioural problems caused by being cooped up too much.


As puppies get older, you can increase their activity by taking long walks or going on hikes together. This will give them more opportunities to explore, exercise their bodies, socialize, and just have fun. Falling into a routine of regular walks and playtime will help keep your pup healthy while ensuring they remain happy, contented members of the family.

Keeping Them Warm and Dry

Newborn puppies need a warm environment and plenty of bedding material to keep them comfortable and safe from cold temperatures. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the temperature in the room where the puppies are being kept is no less than eighty degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Additionally, be sure that the bedding material is dry at all times; wet bedding can increase your pup’s risk of developing hypothermia or pneumonia.

Feeding Your Pups

For the first few weeks. It’s important that your pups get adequate nutrition from their mother’s milk if she is available. However, if this isn’t an option, then you will have to feed them yourself (or through a bottle).


Puppy formula should be readily available at pet stores and should include all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth and healthy development in your pup. Make sure that you are following instructions carefully when it comes to preparing meals for your pup, as well as how much food they should consume per mealtime.

Caring for Newborn Puppies Health 

It is essential that you pay close attention to your pup’s health during this fragile stage in their lives. Monitoring their behaviour can be beneficial in determining whether or not something may be wrong. Changes in appetite or signs of lethargy. Additionally, keeping track of any changes in weight or body temperature can give you insight into potential issues.


Furthermore. Always remember to practice basic hygiene, such as cleaning ears, eyes, mouths, and bottoms regularly. This will help prevent any potential infections or illnesses from occurring due to neglectful care practices.

Caring for Newborn Puppies – Shop at Petnap!

Caring for newborn puppies requires patience, dedication, and understanding. Especially during the first few weeks after they come home with you! Making sure they remain warm and dry by using plenty of bedding material. Feeding them properly with puppy formula when necessary. You also need to monitor their health closely. Ensure that your pups have everything they need for a healthy start in life!


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