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Cat Bed – That your cat will Love!

Heated cat bed

Cat Bed

A Cat Bed can be a great buy when you already know how much your cat enjoys sleeping, but do you know what kind of cat bed they favour? Various options are available, including heated beds to relieve aching bones, covered cat beds for shy cats that want seclusion when they sleep or hanging cat beds that connect to windows.

Ultimately, cats can be finicky, so the ideal cat bed for one feline might not be suitable for another. So, if you want to choose a bed that your cat will love, you should consider your pet’s preferences and other elements, such as their age and size. It’s all about finding a bed cat that satisfies your furry little friend’s needs and requirements.

Additionally, purchasing multiple cat beds instead of just one can give your cat more choices. After all, anyone who has owned a cat is aware that cats will alternate between wanting to sleep on your bed one week and on the box in the living room the next. They are constantly shifting locations. So, with that in mind, here’s how to choose a cat bed your feline will love.

The Best Cat Bed is:

Easy to Clean Cat Bed

Cats switch their sleeping places to reduce the chance of parasites like fleas gathering in their bed. It is thus advisable to provide them with a few beds scattered throughout the house, and when they aren’t using one of them, give it a thorough cleaning.

This means you must ensure that any cat blankets you buy are machine washable. Furthermore, the cat bed itself should be easy to clean. For instance, the Heated Pink Cat Dome from Petnap is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cat bed that’s easy to care for. It has a removable heating pad that can be removed so the bed can be machine-washed.


Cats love cat beds that are easy to enter and exit. This means the bed should have an entry/exit point that’s big enough to accommodate your cat’s size. However, it should also be small enough, so your furry little friend feels secluded and threat-free inside the bed.

An Excellent Lookout Spot

Cats prefer resting in an area where they can see their surroundings well when they are not sound asleep. This enables them to keep an eye out for potential threats and makes it easier for them to identify any chances for a nice meal or an opportunity to play.

As long as it’s safe and simple for them to access, you can consider placing their bed somewhere off the ground, like on a shelf or the top of the closet.


Cats like to sleep in a quiet, secluded area where they won’t be observed or disturbed since they feel vulnerable while doing so. In such situations, igloo or dome-styled cat beds give plenty of privacy due to their nearly enclosed enclosure. The more hiding places cats have, the better since it has been demonstrated that having somewhere to hide makes them feel less anxious.


Most cats can’t resist a warm place, so you’ll frequently see them curled up in a ray of sunshine or beside a radiator. So, consider purchasing a heated bed and placing it in a warm area of the home or covering it with a pet-safe heat pad.

For instance, the Paw Heated Pet Bed from Petnap is an excellent option if you’re looking for something warm for your feline. It comes with a 230v vinyl heating pad that keeps your kitty warm even on the coldest days or nights. Another option is to get a radiator hammock bed, which will benefit your pet when the heat is turned on.

Comfortable Cat bed

Naturally, the most crucial feature of any bed is that it must be comfy. The perfect sleeping surface is soft and cushioned, like the Two Tone Heated Bed from Petnap paired with a fleece blanket.

It may smell new and foreign if your cat isn’t utilizing the cosy new bed you got for them. To make it more appealing to your cat, try stuffing it with anything that has its fragrance, such as a blanket they’ve used to sleep on or a toy they like to play with.

A Few Other Things to Consider

Here are a few other things to consider before buying a bed for your kitty:

The Cat Bed’s Thickness

Some cats prefer softer, plusher textiles for napping as long as the bed is solid enough to prevent sinking. Depending on your cat’s preferences, look for a bed that is between one and three inches thick. Bonus points if the bed has an additional cushion or padding.

The Cat Bed’s Firmness

Cats normally don’t want to feel like they are sinking, but they also enjoy kneading since it helps them relax. Therefore, you should look for a cat bed that is sturdy but still has some give. When purchasing a bed online, it can be challenging to determine how firm it is, so read the reviews to get a decent idea.

Your Cat’s Size

The ideal bed is just a couple of inches longer than your cat. Smaller settings make cats feel more comfortable, but they also require the freedom to roam around and change postures. So, take your cat’s measurements and choose a bed that will allow it to cuddle up comfortably while feeling warm.

Your Cat’s Age

Even though senior cats are not quite as active as young kittens, age is simply a number. Their naps shouldn’t ask too much effort from them. Here, you could use an orthopaedic memory foam bed or even a heated cat bed for older cats. These provide your elderly cats with comfort and style.

Wrapping Up on Cat bed!

Selecting a cat bed might be challenging. Finding the ideal cat bed is also crucial, of course. When your kitten is resting, you would want it to be comfortable, warm, and content. You would also want its cat bed to be a place they can call their own.

At some time, every cat owner has to make this decision. However, the key here is to monitor your cat’s habits and choose a cat bed accordingly.