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Cat Heat Pad

Cat Heat Pad

cat heat pad

A Cat Heat Pad is great for when winter brings cold temperatures, harsh winds, and illnesses. We often prepare ourselves for the season by shopping for warm clothes, medication, and prepping our cars.

But what about our furry friends? As pet parents, you must consider how to keep your pets warm and healthy during the cold, harsh winter. Their ability to combat the cold naturally, depends on many different factors like their age, breed, coat, etc.

Cats, for example, can use their body heat and fur coat to stay warm to an extent, but their ears, nose, tail, and paws are more exposed to the cold, regardless of their fur coat. They need external warmth to keep their bodies and extremities warm in cold temperatures, especially during cold winter nights.

From cat wardrobe to heated pet beds, today we discuss 6 ways to keep your cat warm and healthy during winter, so they remain comfortable throughout.

1.        Dress Them Up

Most cats do not like wearing clothes, as it is not the most natural state for them. However, they will not mind it when the weather gets too cold. Look for soft and warm clothing options that will keep them comfortable.

Fleece tops or sweaters are your best bet. Avoid any rough, itchy, and scratchy materials like rayon and spandex, especially if your cat is hairless. When the time comes to put it on, remove distractions around them, play with them a little, and reward them with a treat once you put it on them.

This reward will help them associate wearing clothes with a positive experience, making it easier for you to put clothes on them later. Make sure the top or sweater is not too loose or long, so it doesn’t make them trip or come off too easily.

It should be snug on their body, but never tight, especially around the neck. Moreover, it should not restrict their natural movement, or get in the way of their paws. If you want to take their winter wardrobe even further, you can also buy cute little mittens to keep their paws warm, but it is likely that they will lose them quickly.

2.        Keep Them Comfy with a Cat Heat Pad

You may have noticed how your cat loves to jump in and curl up in your freshly dried laundry. It’s warm, it’s comfy, it’s everything they love about a surface. This is exactly how their pet beds should be, warm and comfy.

If your cat doesn’t have a pet bed, consider making one or investing in a quality pet bed from a trusted provider in the UK like Petnap.

You can place some comfy blankets from the drier in their pet beds, to make them feel warm and comfortable during the winters. But of course, this is just a temporary solution because your blankets will lose their drier warmth in 10 to 15 minutes. Still, this is an easy way to help your cat warm up during winters.

3.        Let Sunlight In

Another easy and temporary solution to keep your cat warm and healthy in the winter is to open up the curtains during the day, if it’s not too cloudy. You can place your cat or their pet bed under a closed window with sunlight, to let the sun’s rays warm them up.

4.        Cuddles for Body Heat

Apart from freshly dried blankets and warm sunlight, you can also use your body heat to keep your cat warm. Whenever possible, cuddle with them and let them curl up against you for body heat.

While you can occasionally let them under your bed covers, it is not ideal, especially for nighttime.

Your cat should not be sleeping in your bed for a number of reasons. Firstly, you may turn over on the wrong side in deep sleep and end up hurting your furry friend. Secondly, sleeping together regularly can cause separation anxiety for pets when you are not around.

And lastly, cats roam around your home, yard, and even outdoors without any clothes or shoes, so it’s not the most hygienic sleeping arrangement either. Still, this shouldn’t refrain you from letting them curl up or nap in your bed for body heat occasionally.

Pet cats typically seek out their “hooman” for warmth and body heat when they feel chilly, so winter is the perfect time for cuddles and snuggles on the couch.

5.        Invest in a Cat Heat Pad

A cat heat pad, also known as a cat heat mat, is a heat pad designed for cats with an electrical heating component to keep the bed warm for pets during cold winter nights. Unlike the heated pads and electrical blankets we use to stay warm, these heated pet beds are specifically designed with pets in mind.

They are safe to use and can help keep your pet warm and healthy through tough winters. Of course, you should not make your own cat heat pad at home, and instead invest in quality models from a trusted provider in the UK, like Petnap.

Typically, you’ll find models that have a comfy, thick fabric bed with a pocket at the bottom to insert the cat heat pad. Connect the pad to a socket, set the heating between low to high (depending on the ambient temperature), and watch your cat sleep with ease.

These cat heat pad ‘s can be incredibly useful during winters, and you can remove the heating pad and use it as a normal, cozy and comfy pet bed when it’s not too cold.

6.        More Food & Fun

We often gain weight during winters because we feel more hungry and eat more. No, it’s not just because of the holidays. Our bodies need more calories to stay warm during cold weather, and cat bodies work the same way.

This is why you should feed your cat a little more during winters, so their bodies have the extra calories needed to maintain their internal body temperature. You can add some high-calorie treats to their diet, or supplement their meals with some extra wet food.

Similarly, cats also need to exercise and stay active during the winters to feel warm, just like humans do. This is why playtime becomes even more important during the winters. Get some extra cat toys for your cat, and more pet toys for other pets as well.

Add an extra 15 to 20 minutes of playtime each day, to keep them active and healthy. Make time to play some high-activity games with them, so they aren’t just sitting in one place and gnawing on a chew toy.

Final Thoughts on Cat Heat Pad

Extra food, playtime, sunlight, cuddles, comfy pet beds, heated pad beds, warm blankets, and soft clothes are all easy and simple ways to keep your cat warm and healthy during winter.

If you feel cold in your home, you should know that it is worse for your cat. However, following the mentioned things, you should have no trouble keeping your feline friend warm, comfy, and healthy through the cold winter season.

If you are planning to invest in new pet toys, comfy pet beds, or heated pet beds, we highly recommend opting for trusted online shops like Petnap for high-quality pet products in the UK.

You must always avoid home-made or low-quality alternatives, as they come with high risks for both your pet and your household.

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