Cat Heat Pads

Having a sick cat is a horrible situation to be placed in, as you feel nothing but sympathy for them and their inability to do their usual routines and tasks. Much like a member of our family, cats can get ill and you want to do your best for them to ease their discomfort.

Providing pain relief can be difficult especially if you wish to avoid giving prescribed pharmaceutical medicines that could cause side effects and instead try to provide a more natural relief. Much like taking alternative medicines for ourselves the effects may not be as instant, but the concern over issues that can occur from certain chemicals found in medicines will mean that you might want to avoid them. 

Sometimes all your cat needs is some warm love and attention, and perhaps providing a form of heat therapy will help to reduce the effects of any aches and pains and combined with a gentle massage, it’s guaranteed that your cat will be purring with a bit more satisfaction and will soon be on the mend.

Using cat heat pads will allow you to provide some gentle relief to your poorly feline. Petnap have stock of these warming cat heat pads and with winter still to fully arrive it could be the ideal time to purchase one simply by visiting