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Cat Heated Bed – Should you get one?

Reasons to Get a Heated Cat Bed for Your Cat

Cat Heated Bed


Cat Heated Bed – These days, cats are regarded as no less than family members, and are an intricate part of our everyday lives. This means that, for cat owners, simply satisfying their companions’ food and shelter requirements is no longer enough; they are going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant and comfortable life for their feline friends.

A heated pet bed is one of the most popular ways of ensuring this comfort, especially during the colder months of the year. In this blog, we will discuss why getting a heated pet bed for your cat is a great idea.

1)    Pain Relief

Cats, especially older ones, suffer from painful muscle and joint issues like arthritis or other degenerative diseases. Even in general, cats tend to be quite active and athletic, and these traits make them vulnerable to pulled muscles or muscle soreness.

As you are probably aware, heat can be an excellent pain-reliever. So, getting your cat to use a heated bed can help loosen sore, stiff, and tense muscles. It can also ease joint and nerve pain, helping your cat feel more relaxed and more at-ease.

2)    Greater Immunity

Prolonged exposure to harsh winds and low temperatures can lower a cat’s immunity, making it more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, cold, and other feline illnesses. A heated bed can help nullify these immunity-suppressing effects of the cold weather, and help your cat become more resilient to illnesses.

At the same time, a heated pet bed can also help cats who are already ill by keeping them warm and relaxed and cutting down on recovery time by strengthening their immune systems.

3)    Improved Mood and Temperament

If your cat is feeling chilly and uncomfortable, it is likelier to whine, howl, paw or scratch at the door, or exhibit other behavioral issues to get your attention. Offering a heated cat bed can help them feel calmer during cold or windy weather.

Moreover, since the heat delivered by a heating bed mimics the warmth produced when cuddling with another animal or human being, these beds can also make your cat feel less lonely and scared.

Types of Cat Heated Beds

When it comes to heated beds, cat owners have quite a few options at their disposal. Below are the three most common types of heated pet beds:

1)    Microwaveable Cat Heated Bed

These beds contain microwaveable material like buckwheat. These beds are quite convenient, since they can be heated simply by placing them in a microwave oven for a few minutes. They are also the least expensive of the three kinds of beds.

The downside is that microwaveable beds can only retain their heat for about 30 minutes to an hour. So, these beds may not be ideal if you want to use them for several hours at a time.

2)    Thermal Cat Heated Bed

These beds feel thermally neutral (neither hot nor cold) to the touch. However, their insulating material helps reflect your pet’s body heat back towards them. These beds work by retaining heat within the insulating material and keep the cold at bay.

These beds are also at the low end of the price spectrum, and work almost as well as their more expensive counterparts. They are also extremely safe, since there is no risk of malfunctioning wires or other electrical faults.

3)    Electrical Heated Beds

An electrical heated bed is plugged into an electric socket and delivers a steady stream of heat for as long as it is switched on. These beds use pet-safe electrical cords covered with a steel coating so that your cat cannot chew the cords.

Electrical heated beds are the most effective – but also the priciest – of the three.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cat Heated Bed

1)    Weight and Size of the Cat

Use a measuring tape to measure your cat’s length, starting from the base of the neck all the way down to the base of the tail. The weight, meanwhile, can be determined simply by putting your cat on a home weighing scale.

If you have multiple cats that will be using the bed, make sure to calculate their combined sizes and weights.

2)    The Area of the Surface Where the Bed will be placed

You must determine where you will be placing the heating bed, such as near a window or on a table. Make sure to pick a bed that can be accommodated into your chosen space.

Keep in mind that you need to leave some vacant space around or beside the bed. This is so that your cat can move into should it begin to feel too hot or otherwise uncomfortable.

3)    Whether Your Cat is Okay Sleeping Close to an Electric Outlet

If none of your cat’s preferred sleeping places have an electric outlet close to them, you may want to go for a microwaveable or thermal heating pad. However, if there is an electrical socket close to where your cat sleeps, an electric heating pad may be your best option – especially if you live in a particularly cold region.

If you go for a microwaveable bed, make sure to pick a pet-friendly option.

4)    Ease of Washing

There are quite a few machine-washable heating bed options available these days. With such a bed, all you need to do is unzip its cover and toss the bed into the washing machine.

However, not all brands offer machine-washable heating beds so, if you want this feature, make sure to specifically look for it before making a purchase.

Final Word

Heating pads are one of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective ways to keep your cat warm and comfortable. Not only can these beds help feline souls better counter low temperatures, but they can also relieve pain and boost immunity.

To explore our full range of pet heating beds and pads, please feel free to visit our website.