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Using a Cattery


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Catteries – nothing is better than looking forward to some time off and taking a vacation with your family. However, regardless of your vacation destination, you usually need to decide who will look after your animals while you are gone. This might be particularly challenging for cat owners as cats seldom leave the house. A cattery, which is effectively a boarding facility for your cat, is one of your best options.

Your cat will receive excellent care if you board it at a cattery. While you’re away, this may make you feel more at ease. However, it also guarantees that your furry little friend will not be left alone and its healthcare needs are met. Ultimately, the best catteries understand how to care for each cat specifically since they are all unique. So, with that in mind, here are a few reasons to put your cat in a cattery.

Catteries Follow Strict Safety Standards

Make sure you choose a cattery that guarantees your cat will be safe around other cats when looking into potential catteries. After all, putting your cat in the care of strangers can be challenging in and of itself, so ensuring that your cat will be safe and healthy is crucial.

Most catteries have vaccination policies, and all cats must be current with their shots before being allowed to board. This means you must prepare your cat for boarding at a cattery in advance and ensure they have all the regionally mandated vaccinations.

Your cat will be Supervised Closely

Most cats tolerate being left alone for a few days with occasional visits from their owners. However, this does not rule out the possibility that anything may go wrong while you are away. When their owner is at home, cats frequently stay close to them. As a result, we typically know where and what our cat is doing.

There is always a danger that something unexpected may happen when we leave our kitties alone. However, your cat will be continually cared for when you board it at a cattery, and the staff will be alerted immediately if something goes wrong.

Catteries Ensure a Trustworthy Stay

Selecting a cattery that will guarantee a safe and healthy visit is crucial if you intend to keep your cat there for a long time. However, when researching catteries, schedule a visit in advance. You should visit the location to confirm that your cat will reside in a secure setting.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to get to know the cattery beforehand. Ultimately, you must know who will be caring for your cat. This is why you must extensively research your choice of cattery before you decide to board your furry little friend.

Catteries Allow Your Cat to Socialize

Most cats are house pets; they like their homes and each have the places they have created for themselves. Due to this, they can become less friendly with people.

Going to a cattery could encourage your cat to interact more socially, not just with other cats but also with people. Every cat will be anxious during the initial phase of their stay, but if you give them some time, you could be amazed at how much they like the companionship of other cats.

Catteries Ensure Plenty of Exercise and Playtime for Your Cat

Cats require more care than simply affection and cuddling. They also require their daily dose of physical activity. Workers at the cattery will ensure that your cat is played with healthily. In fact, they’ll play with toys like mice, strings, lasers, balls, etc.

However, let the cattery know before you leave your cat there if your cat needs a particular amount of activity. The people there will make sure that your cat has appropriate playtime and that it has fun.

Catteries Look after Your Cat’s Medical Needs

The fact that a cattery can take care of a cat’s medical requirements is one of the main benefits of choosing one. They also need to keep them at a responsible temperature which is achieved by using cattery heat pads.

After all, you must ensure your cat is left in the care of someone who will attend to its unique medical needs, if it has any. Workers at catteries are trained to handle the medical requirements of cats, no matter their breed.

Of course, leaving a cat with medical requirements with relatives or friends might be a little frightening. And while you may trust your friends and family, a cattery will ensure that care is provided for if your pet has special medical needs.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Cat Running Away

Moving a cat into a new area is a lot to ask of them. Such a thing will upset them, especially while their owners are gone. This might lead to your cat escaping from your home. However, catteries guarantee your cat’s safety and prevent it from escaping.

After all, your cat running away while you’re away could be a very serious concern, depending on how much outdoor time your cat gets and where you live. Ultimately, catteries provide your furball with a secure environment, eliminating all your fears about your cat running away while you’re gone.

Catteries Provide Your Cat with Tons of Love and Affection

Ensuring that your cat receives the same amount of care as you would normally give her is one of the major concerns you will have while you’re away. Of course, Pet sitters are dependable, yet it would be a bad idea to rely on them every time.

A top-notch cattery ensures your cat is always loved, cared for, and given the attention it requires. Of course, there are differences between each cat’s personality. However, workers at a cattery are well-equipped to accommodate each cat’s demands and personality.

Wrapping Up

It might be challenging to pick a cattery to care for your cat while you’re away. So, do your homework and talk to the cattery in advance about what you’ll need to ensure your cat’s requirements are fulfilled.

Ultimately, this pet boarding facility ensures that your cat receives the love and attention it needs while you’re gone.