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Cheap Dog Heat Pads

Buying Cheap Cheap Dog Heat Pads

Cheap Dog Heat Pads

Cheap Dog Heat Pads for dog lovers, kennel owners or those who work in a veterinary practice? Do you want a simple way to keep you dog warm during the biting winter weather? Visit Petnap for a range of dog heat pads.

All breeds and ages of dog are susceptible to feeling the cold over our long winters. However none more so than the young, elderly or those recovering from an illness. As the temperature drops we can put on an extra jumper but it is not as simple for our dogs to keep warm. For kennelled dogs, whether pets or in a rescue, cold nights can mean cold beds and unhappy dogs. Investing in a Flexiguard Heat Pad can ensure every dog stays warm when it’s cold outside.

Suitable for use at home, in a veterinary surgery or in kennels and catteries and available in three different sizes, the Flexiguard Heat Pad can be used for cats and dogs. Powered by mains electricity with chew proof cables and manufactured from aluminium, Flexiguard Heat Pads are designed exclusively for animals. Do not be tempted to choose from a range of inferior cheap dog heat pads. You should not use these around animals that may chew it. You need to be sure the heat pad is chew proof and can withstand the odd accident. Flexiguard Heat Pads are made to high standards to ensure only the safest heat mat for each and every dog. 

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