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Complete Whelping Kits: Your Must-Have Checklist

Complete Whelping Kits – Preparing for the arrival of a litter of puppies involves more than just creating a cozy space.

Whelping is the process of a dog giving birth to puppies. It is a delicate event that requires careful preparation. Whether you are a seasoned breeder or a first-time dog owner, having a whelping kit is essential to ensure a smooth and successful birthing process. Being fully equipped allows you to handle any situation that may arise during the birthing process.

Complete Whelping Kits

In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed checklist of must-have items for your whelping kit.

A Whelping Box

The first thing you need to buy is a whelping box. Ensure it is spacious and comfortable, has rails and a door to let the mother dog out. The box should have high sides to prevent the puppies from crawling out.

Thermometer part of your Complete Whelping Kits

A digital thermometer is essential for monitoring the mother’s body temperature. A drop in temperature may indicate that labor is imminent. Invest in an indoor thermometer as well to check the room’s temperature. This will help ensure the litter is not delivered in a cold environment.

Whelping Mat, Clean Towels, and Blankets

While a washable whelping mat is the best option to keep things clean, a couple of towels and blankets will help prevent the mess from getting out of hand. Moreover, they will keep the mother and puppies warm. However, you must replace them frequently during and after the birth.

Sterile Scissors

Keep a pair of sterile scissors on hand to cut the umbilical cords if the mother does not do so herself. Make sure to have a sterilization solution for the scissors.

Umbilical Clamps

Umbilical Clamps to tie off the umbilical cord before cutting it. Leave it in place for a while so the blood clots. This helps prevent excessive bleeding.

Lubricant or Vaseline

A water-based lubricant or Vaseline can be used to ease the passage of the puppies through the birth canal. Make sure it is safe for both the mother and the puppies. It will also come in handy when taking the mother dog’s temperature.

Bulb Syringe part of your Complete Whelping Kits

A bulb syringe helps clear mucus from the puppies’ airways, especially if they have difficulty breathing.

Heating Pad or Heat Lamp part of your Complete Whelping Kits

Maintain a warm environment for the puppies by using a heating pad or heat lamp. Be cautious not to overheat the area. A heat lamp can be attached with clamps on the whelping box’s sides. This will allow the mother to move her puppies away if needed. As for the heating pad, it will regulate the mother dog’s temperature faster.

Nutritional Supplements for the Mother

Provide nutritional supplements for the mother dog to support her energy levels during labor and nursing. Consult your veterinarian for suitable supplements.

Puppy Milk Replacer part of your Complete Whelping Kits

In case the mother is unable to nurse or if there are more puppies than she can handle, have a puppy milk replacer on hand to feed the newborns.

Weighing Scale

Keep a small scale to monitor the weight of the puppies. Regular weighing helps ensure they are gaining weight and thriving.

Disposable Gloves part of your Complete Whelping Kits

Wear disposable gloves during the birthing process to maintain hygiene and prevent the transfer of bacteria.

Calcium Supplement

Consult with your veterinarian and keep a calcium supplement on hand to address any potential calcium deficiency in the mother during labor.


You don’t know when the mother dog could go into labor. If it happens at night, having a headlamp will help you see things clearly and keep your hands free.

Tail Wrap part of your Complete Whelping Kits

The whelping box will get messy as the mother dog starts to give birth. There will be fluids all around, and the wet surface can make the mother dog uncomfortable. So, wrap her tail in the plastic cover to keep it dry and clean.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Clean your hands consistently to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Alcohol Prep Pads part of your Complete Whelping Kits

These will help you clean the tools, such as the scissors and hemostat, and prevent cross-contamination.

Iodine Prep Pads

After cutting the umbilical cord, use them to clean the area.

Paper Towels

These allow you to wipe any mess if you run out of clean towels.

Hand Sanitizer part of your Complete Whelping Kits

Use hand sanitizer generously during and after the whelping process. This will ensure that the germs from the puppies don’t transfer to anything you hold or the food you eat.

Receiving Cloths

Square cloths to grip each puppy and dry them.

Pee Pads

These help catch afterbirth and keep the whelping area clean.

A Garbage Bag part of your Complete Whelping Kits

Those paper towels, gloves, wipes, and wrappers must be collected in a designated place. So, keep garbage bags nearby to ensure you don’t dirty your floors.

Nutritious Food for the Mother

Prepare a supply of nutritious food for the mother, as she will need the extra calories and nutrients during and after the whelping process. An unlimited supply of dry food, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, will save her from a severe case of anorexia.

Notebook and Pen

Keep a notebook and pen to record the time of each birth, the weight of each puppy, and any other relevant observations. This information can help monitor the puppies’ health and report the numbers to your veterinarian.

Whelping Record Chart part of your Complete Whelping Kits

Use a whelping record chart to track the progress of the labor, noting the time each puppy is born and any complications or interventions.

Emergency Kit

Assemble a small emergency kit with basic first aid supplies such as antiseptic solution, gauze, and bandages.

Have your veterinarian’s contact information readily available for emergencies or complications during the whelping process. Lastly, ensure you have a supportive team or at least one person to assist you during the whelping process. This can be especially helpful in case of a large litter or unexpected complications.

By being well-prepared, you not only contribute to a smoother birthing process but also set the stage for healthy and thriving pups.


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