Cost Effective Pet Heat Mat

Although puppy and kitten season is still a few weeks away, there is never a better time to get ready. Having all the supplies that you could possibly need ready in advance can save time and panic when the time comes for your queen or bitch to give birth. Whether you are dog lover, kennel owner, breeder or work in a veterinary practice – having the right supplies is essential for a smooth arrival of the puppies or kittens. 

What should you keep in your box of essentials? Milk replacement is the first priority, along with bottles and teats and a cleaning brush, ideal for larger litters or if there are problems during the birth. Plenty of towels, a stopwatch, the phone number of your vet practice and a large box (or Whelping box) to be used for the mother to lie in are essentials for the birth itself. For early litters, larger litters or to aid recovery after a c-section, a pet heat mat should be at the top of your shopping list of items for helping with the breeding process to keep both the mother and litter warm. 

Flexiguard Heat Pads are ideal for litters and breeding as they are powered by mains electricity, have chew proof cables and manufactured from high quality aluminium. Flexiguard Heat Pads are designed exclusively for animals and being used with young animals this is vital as they are able to withstand the odd accident. 

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