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Whelping Boxes, Types and Styles

Different types of Whelping boxes !

whelping box

If you are anticipating the arrival of puppies, you are probably considering purchasing some whelping boxes for the growing family. Your pregnant bitch will be at ease in a whelping box, also known as a nesting box or birthing box. Where she can safely confine her puppies for the first few days and weeks following delivery.

The purpose of a really effective whelping box is to shield the litter from the elements and other threats that they would encounter if allowed to roam freely. To prevent the puppies from being trampled or suffocated by the mother, each whelping box typically has a lower rail called a “piggy rail” on the bitch’s side.

What is a Whelping Box?

Your bitch and her puppies will be comfortable and private in the enclosed space known as a whelping box. As a secure location for solitude and “nesting,” it can be offered while your dog is still pregnant. Consequently, it is crucial to offer her the whelping box while pregnancy and to encourage this behaviour. The female’s belief that this is a safe place for her to keep her puppies will probably get stronger after the birth. In addition, the puppies can be raised in an enclosed, secure, and warm environment after birth.

Dog beds and whelping boxes are occasionally mistaken. In order to keep the puppies from straying and to provide the mother a sense of security, these are enclosed enclosures that frequently have walls or railings. No other canines should be permitted in this area; it should only belong to her. The comfort provided to your female and the puppies. As well as the fact that the litter is physically protected from harm, are the key advantages of a whelping box. Young puppies who wander about run the risk of becoming lost, getting stuck, or even meeting other canines, which is dangerous.

10 Different types of Whelping boxes for your puppies

Prior to the final stages of pregnancy, a whelping box must be purchased so that your female dog can become used to it and feel secure enough to keep her pups there. If you want to buy a Whelping Box then we’ve evaluated a variety of whelping boxes here:

#1 Cardboard Whelping Boxes

The three wooden puppy rails that come with this sturdy corrugated cardboard whelping box help prevent the puppies from being crushed by their mother. To avoid cross contamination, simply place the empty whelping box in the recycling after use.

#2 Whelping Nest

One of the most well-liked alternatives to whelping boxes on our list is the Whelping Nest. The box is made of premium vinyl, and is guaranteed to last in your garden without rot or cracking. As a result, it can be an ideal fodder to prevent harm from fresh puppy teeth and is simple to wipe down. Since it has no base, it is simple to move and clean, and you are free to install any base you deem necessary.

#3 Petnap 48″ x 48″ Whelping Boxes

Trying to find a sizable whelping box? This whelping box from petnap, is available in five sizes, prevents cross-contamination between litters and includes a water-resistant cardboard liner.

#4 Highside Whelping

The highside whelping box can be expanded with the three-sided. To improve airflow and allow for interaction with the puppies, it features slatted sides and gaps. It includes a removable door that, for safety reasons, only the mother can safely step over. Very young puppies cannot.

#5 Plastic Whelping Boxes

This plastic whelping box is created in collaboration with some of the best dog breeders in the UK. It gives puppies a secure and comfortable environment before, during, and after delivery. Despite being more expensive, it also includes a puppy playpen to allow the new pups to develop and play safely.

#6 Whelping Boxes (Medium)

This wooden whelping box, which was handcrafted in the UK by animal enthusiasts, includes completely modifiable horizontal and vertical safety bars. To select the best size for your breed, pick from three options.

#7 TappyBox Whelping Boxes

Professional dog breeders and responsible casual breeders alike will find the incredible TappyBox Whelping Box to be the ideal answer. In addition to offering a merciless resistance to damage and filth, its gray-coloured, rough surface is also chew-proof. The tappyBox Whelping Boxes in large, FDA-approved HDPE plastic. This renders it simple to clean while maintaining a wood-based appeal.

#8 Pet Nap Plastic Whelping Box

The Pet Nap Reusable Plastic Whelping Box comes in three distinct sizes that measure 24, 30, and 36 inches. It is made of robust, long-lasting plastic. The interior puppy rails are made up of three pieces of hardwood doweling. With an outside plastic coating covering the rails, the box is easy to clean and disinfect, which is fantastic for filthy pups. The device has a wall at the mother’s entrance that is lower but still tall enough to prevent newborn puppies from crawling out.

#9 Puppy Play Pen With Wooden Whelping Boxes

A wooden whelping box is included with this useful play cage to safeguard newborn puppies. The box is excellent for their subsequent stage of life because the whelping insert is equally simple to disassemble.

#10 PVC Whelping Boxes

This sturdy and robust whelping box was constructed using heavy-duty materials, removable front panerl sections, the front entrance door is so great that you can change its height. It permits you to continue utilising the box even after the dogs’ sizes increased.

Wrapping Up

You should give your pregnant dog at least two weeks before she gives birth to get her used to the whelping box. You do this because you want her to see it as a secure place where she can give birth and raise her puppies. She can be introduced to the whelping box either on the day you learn she is pregnant or following mating.