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Disposable Litter Trays

Unique Disposable Litter Trays

disposable litter trays


Disposable Litter Trays and unique litter boxes available from the Petnap store is the ideal place to find them. The online shop features some of the most wonderful litter boxes such as the LitterHouse which is a fantastic and unique option that hides the litter away from view. It’s an elegant take on the more traditional litter box and looks fantastic in any home. It looks just like a little dolls house and your cat will take to his or her new litter box perfectly.

The Petnap team also have carefully chosen accessories that go with your litter box, such as litter liners, litter deodorisers and cleaning kits that help to keep smells at bay.

Petnap delivers UK wide and their online store is very easy to use. You will receive your unique litter box delivery promptly or Disposable Litter Trays, within 2 working days, and delivery costs are very competitive. You are also welcome to visit their store to collect your items – based in Tadley, Hants, they are ideally placed for local clients who wish to save paying for postage.

Find your unique litter box, the LitterHouse, today and you will be more than proud to show it off.