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Dog Agility Equipment

Dog Agility Equipment is great for when you have a dog with pent-up energy as this is unhealthy for them and causes stress. It may be why he is chewing on your shoes, barking incessantly, or exhibiting other bad behaviour. The good news is that you just need to tire out your pup. He may just be trying to get your attention.

Dog Agility Equipment

Top Reasons Why You Should Get Dog Agility Equipment

Here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in a dog agility course or equipment:

1.      Get a Healthier Pooch

A sedentary pooch is an unhappy and unhealthy pooch. Pet dogs were bred from breeds that used to have jobs. From herding cattle and sheep to protecting their owners against predators and thieves, they got plenty of exercise. If you own a breed with herding and guarding instincts, you should exercise them rigorously so they don’t get frustrated or fall sick. A hunting or herding dog that only gets daily walks may exhibit behaviour issues such as digging, biting, barking, etc. An agility course will allow them to burn up that energy and get stronger without acting out.

2.      Mentally Stimulating can be achieved with Dog Agility Equipment

A bored dog isn’t just lacking physical exercise. Without daily interactions and play, your beloved pet is getting depressed. With time and without an outlet, he may act out. Dogs that are mixed breeds or working dogs are prone to highly destructive behaviour when they get no mental stimulation.

Agility equipment can give them the mental workout they crave. Train your pup to follow physical and verbal cues to challenge them mentally by making them navigate a course. Agility training can also be great for dogs past their prime who move slowly but still need activity to keep their minds sharp.

3.      Makes You Exercise

There is no sitting during agility training. As your dog zooms around the course or uses the dog agility equipment, you must also keep up, or they will lose focus. Get a great cardio workout each time. It will also mentally stimulate you, challenging you to develop complex agility courses.

4.      Dog Agility Equipment training,  Strengthens Your Bond

As you run around and play with your pets, you strengthen your bond with them. Since you need to develop and maintain a clear line of communication between your dog and yourself so he can navigate the course, this is a natural result. The more challenging and fun the course is, and the more attentive you are, the more your pup will look to you for guidance. Add treats, and you have a best friend for life.

5.      Assuage Your Dog’s Natural Instincts

Dogs are natural hunters, so most breeds will go after cats and other small animals when they spot them. In the past, hunting dogs followed foxes and rabbits through dense woods and had to weave through obstacles to get to their prey. The faster they can run, the faster they get a satisfying meal or treats from their owners.

Those instincts have been passed down, so there is no such thing as a lap dog. Agility equipment and courses mimic those circumstances, allowing dogs to tap into their hunting and chasing instincts, which is great for their mental and physical health.

6.      Dog Agility Equipment can Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

Shy or traumatized dogs that keep to themselves need some coaxing to come out of their shells. An agility course can help them trigger their chasing and hunting instincts. Most shy breeds transform into happy and confident pups, especially if they see their owners engaging with them daily. The trust you can develop with a scared or shy pooch is almost unbreakable if it is maintained with daily play and training.

Give them positive reinforcement with treats, pets, and loving words to make them come up to you themselves. This is also a great way to make anxious pooches happier and less clingy since they can be trained to follow cues from a distance.

Best Dog Agility Equipment for Dogs

A run in the park is less stimulating than an agility course. Use the following agility equipment for dogs to make your pupper happy, healthy and nip undesirable behaviour in the bud:

1.                  Jumps

These include rubber tires, bars with stands, and hanging hula hoops that can be adjusted to your dog’s size and stature. Make your pet jump through these at high speed for an exhilarating training session. Arrange several jumps in a sequence to stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

2.                  Weave Poles

Weave poles are lines of long poles that you can encourage your pet to weave through. This can be tricky to master, but you can encourage your dog to go in and out slowly at first, using treats as positive reinforcement. The poles can improve your pup’s agility and patience.

3.                  Contact Obstacles

As the name shows, contact obstacles ensure the dog touches a spot at a designated spot before moving on to the rest of the course. These are usually yellow, so they are easily spotted. Common contact obstacles in agility courses include seesaws, aka teeter totters, a balance beam, and a slope. Use these to teach your dog discipline and to stop on command.

4.      Pause Table

This is a flat table where your pup must pause for a few minutes. Reward your pup with treats once all four paws are on the table, and he doesn’t move to reinforce the behaviour.

7.      Tunnels

You can get two types of tunnels – those closed at one end or those open the entire way. These can make your dog more confident in an enclosed space and increase his trust in you.

The Bottom Line on Dog Agility Equipment

A dog agility training course or a few pieces of agility equipment for dogs can do wonders for you and your beloved pet. Get complete kits you can use to create custom courses or buy individual pieces for the same benefit.