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Dog and Cat Toys

Dog and Cat Toys

Dog and Cat Toys

Dog and Cat Toys are extremely important for your pet, especially cats and dogs. They help stimulate your furry friends and keep them engaged and entertained, sometimes for hours. We dive deeper into the importance of pet toys ahead, as we share 7 things you should keep in mind when buying toys for your pet.

1.        Is It the Right Size?

The size of a pet toy matters. While most toys are marketed as one-size-fits-all, this isn’t always the case. Any toys you buy should fit the current size of your pet dog or cat. Let’s take the example of a ball.

Too big and your pet may not be able to throw it around, play with it, or carry it. Too small and they may end up swallowing it. You should refrain from buying pet toys that have small parts like eyes, limbs, or strings, that can come off, be gnawed on, or swallowed over time.

2.        Plush & Gentle Dog and Cat Toys Are for Gentle Pets

Young pups, kittens, and most cats are the ideal pets to buy plush toys for. These are gentle toys typically meant for gentle pets, who won’t tear them down to shreds. Adult dogs, on the other hand, are rarely gentle with such toys, especially if they have a squeaker inside.

Some dogs simply love to rip stuff apart, but squeaker toys make them feel like they have to shred the toy to unearth the source of the noise. They may just end up trying to eat the tiny device inside.

Of course, there are always exceptions and some dogs may be gentle with plush toys, whereas some cats may feel like they want to rip them open. You should test and observe your pet’s behaviour around such a toy before you buy a bunch of them. There are also plenty of pet toys available in the market for pets who chew heavily on things.

3.        Seek High-Activity Dog and Cat Toys

Most common pets like dogs and cats are naturally active and seeking prey is like a hobby to them. This is because they are descendants of predators like wolves and tigers. They have a lot of physical and mental energy, and it’s good to let that energy out.

Dogs in particular, start to act out in negative ways when they are not stimulated enough, both physically and mentally. They may bark excessively or break things when they are bored. This is why it is important to keep your pets busy and let them expel their wild side on toys.

Such high-drive pets require high-activity toys. Tough chew toys and fetch toys for example, are a form of high-activity pet toy, because your dog can chase, chew, carry, and fetch them. Similarly, chasing toys, cat scratchers, and cat trees are high-activity pet toys that let your cats expel their wild side on them.

Every pet needs at least one high-activity pet toy to keep them busy and entertained, especially when you are not around to play with.

4.        Consider Interactive Puzzlers and Treat Feeders

Mental stimulation is just as important for pets as physical stimulation. They want to be challenged and interacted with. For most cats and dogs, interactive play is critical for their daily active needs.

Interactive puzzlers and treat toys are designed to do exactly that. They help your pet focus on the task at hand, repeat certain actions, problem solve to discover shortcuts, and find treats for their reward.

Such pet toys allow them to expel physical and mental energy in a controlled environment. It keeps them challenged, mentally sharp, and they can spend hours on interactive play, giving you time to do things you need to get done.

Pet toys that reward your pet with treats also help prevent boredom, especially in dogs. They allow your pets to develop a positive association of playtime with a rewarding experience. They really are the complete package, which is why you should consider getting one for your pet.

5.        Opt for Easy-to-Clean Dog and Cat Toys

Hygiene is crucial for pets and other members of your household. This is why you should opt for pet toys that are easier to clean. While most chew toys, plush toys and other such fabric toys can be easily thrown into the washer, other pet toys are not so easy to clean.

However, modern pet toys are designed in such a way that you can disassemble parts for easy cleaning. Still, make sure you understand how a pet toy is supposed to be cleaned before you purchase it.

6.        Purchase a Collection You Can Alternate

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying toys for your pet is that the overall toy collection should be large enough to alternate toys weekly. This is because you only want to offer a few toys at a time.

Pets with too many toys around end up getting bored or distracted, and they will never enjoy or gain the full potential benefit of any one toy. You should put out no more than 3 to 4 toys at a time, and alternate the selection every few days.

This way, you and your pet can both get the most value out of each toy. However, your pet’s favourite toy is the only exception to this alternating cycle, as it should be out at all times. Overview the pet toys in your cart, and consider how you would alternate an assortment every week.

7.        Double-Down on the Favourite

As mentioned, if your pet has a favourite toy in the collection, you should have that toy out at all times. But it is also wise to be prepared to replace this favourite toy if it gets lost, broken, or damaged.

Chances are that that particular toy is a common favourite of other pets as well, which means there is a higher chance you may not find it in the market later. We recommend buying a replacement unit at the earliest and hiding it out of sight until the time comes to replace the original.

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Conclusion on Dog and Cat Toys

All pets love toys and just like children, they love some toys more than others. Just because your pet doesn’t enjoy a particular toy in their collection as much as other toys. This does not mean that toy is not important to them.

If you follow the aforementioned 7 points. You will end up with a toy collection for your pet that is engaging, effective, entertaining, easy-to-clean, and saves you time while ensuring the safety of your pet.

If you want to learn more about buying toys for your pet. Different types of pet toys, pet care products, and helpful tips and tricks, be sure to visit our website and check out our blog.