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Dog Bed for German Shepherd


Dog Bed for German ShepherdDog Bed for German Shepherd

A Dog Bed for German Shepherd, it is extremely important for you to take good care of your pet. This includes choosing the right bed for your dog so they can sleep comfortably.

German Shepherds are adorable to look at and their protective instinct keeps  you protected from strangers.

Even though they are easy to train, German Shepherds can get a bit nervous in a changing environment. Therefore, you must also take care of them in return by providing them with the ultimate comfort. Make sure to choose a bed that best fits their needs.

Choosing a bed for your dog might sound easy, but there are a few things that you must keep in mind before buying one so that it doesn’t turn into a horrible experience for your dog. Scroll down to know more.

1.                  Foam Quality

It is said that a German Shepherd can sleep around twelve to fourteen hours a day, requiring them to have a bed with foam that can stay intact for that long. If the dog bed is good quality, it can hold that much weight for a short period.

German Shepherds are family animals, which is why they stay most of the time indoors. However, indoors are considered a perfect place for them to sleep. That is why they like to sleep a lot, which requires them to have the most comfortable bed possible.

2.                  Dog Bed Size

Since German Shepherds are pretty big, they need a comparatively larger bed than usual. Getting a smaller bed for them might make the dog uncomfortable enough to leave the space. However, extra large beds can make their sleeping area a playing space for them.

Therefore, the bed should be neither too short nor too big; you need to choose the perfect size for your German Shepherd so that it can enjoy a comfortable sleep all day long.

3.                  Location Of The Bed

German Shepherds usually sleep close to their owners, like right next to their feet. This preference will require you to place the bed in your bedroom. Therefore, you must choose a dog bed that fits your room’s theme and doesn’t feel like an outcast.

However, no matter which dog you have at home, they can always change their sleeping location. The dog bed shouldn’t match your bedroom theme but look neutral enough to fit anywhere.

4.                  Fabric for a Dog Bed for a German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known to shed their hair a lot, which is why they are also called German Shedders. The constant shedding of fur will require you to wash it repeatedly. Therefore, the dog bed fabric must be reliable enough to avoid getting destroyed after a few washes.

Another reason why you will need to wash the fabric repeatedly is because German Shepherds can drool a bit. However, they do not drool excessively, which can signify an illness rising.

5.                  Portability

It will be a cherry on top if your dog bed is portable enough to be carried anywhere with you. If you like to travel a lot, you can not leave your German Shepherd at home. They tend to get nervous about being alone as German Shepherds are family animals.

That is why it is essential to have a portable, easy-to-carry bed ready to take your German Shepherd along. Changing your dog bed repeatedly can make the animal uncomfortable; therefore, buy a dog bed that simultaneously serves all kinds of purposes.

6.                  Safety

It would be best if you chose a safe dog bed for your German Shepherd since dogs tend to chew their bed when they feel discomfort. They also attempt to chew it to strengthen their teeth and jaws. Whatever the reason, you must first choose the ones that guarantee their safety.

Some dog beds contain springs that pop up after the dogs chew the fabric. Make sure you only buy a bed that can hurt their jaws instead, leading them to bleed.

German Shepherds are pretty sensitive and can fall sick if you do not take good care of them. That is why they need to be raised with a lot of care.

7.                  Medical Needs

Make sure you buy a dog bed that best fits the medical needs of your German Shepherd. If your dog faces joint or neck pain, you should make the bed according to those needs. The structure can give much comfort to the dog, which may even treat their pain.

Every dog has different needs, so you need to check out yours and select a bed according to that. Otherwise, you can always opt for the one that prevents any possible injuries or pain that might happen in the future.

8.                  Depth of the Dog Bed for German Shepherd

German Shepherds are prone to getting hip Dysplasia which requires them to stay off a hard floor. If the bed is thick enough to keep your dog away from the floor, it should be the one to opt for.

Make sure the bed doesn’t put any pressure on their bones which can trigger their pain, affecting their quality of life. That is why the bed should not be deep enough to touch the floor, which can impact your German Shepherd.

9.                  Plenty of Padding

Make sure to choose a bed that has plenty of padding in it. Since German Shepherds tend to be considered a family animal, they like being all cuddly, warm and cozy. So you need to select a bed with plenty of padding or a heat bed so that the dog doesn’t feel alone and gets comfort all day long.

Conclusion on Dog Bed for German Shepherd

Taking care of your German Shepherd is easier if you know all the essential information required to raise one. It would be best if you choose the right sleeping bed for your dog so that it doesn’t affect their comfort.

There are a lot of factors that you must keep in mind before buying a cozy bed for your German Shepherd. A lot of those factors are mentioned above in the blog, which you can review before laying your hands on the perfect dog bed.