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Dog Bed Heater

Dog Bed Heater

Dog Bed Heater

A Dog Bed Heater for keeping your dog warm and cosy on cold days with Heated Dog Beds. Soft and cosy, these beds can help your dog sleep comfortably day or night.

The dog bed can be used all year round with out any problem. During the warmer months if your dog is feeling the warmth a bit to much simply turn it off or add an extra layer. This will stop as much heat passing throught the dog bed.

Best to ensure the bed is positioned in a private quiet area away and free from draughts. This is to allow your dog to have a peaceful nights sleep.

Petnap hold a great range of dog and cat beds on their website, just click the link to take a look.

Petnap Dog Bed Heater History

Petnap have been manufacturing and supplying dog bed heaters for many years. The company formed in 1973 and the first product ever made and sold was the Flexiguard 33. This product has been a firm favourite amoungest many long term loyal customers.