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Dog grooming Equipment ! Do’s and Don’ts

Dog grooming Equipment ! Do’s and Don’ts

Grooming is a very important part of taking care of a dog. Have proper Dog grooming Equipment ensures your pet not only looks good but is healthy. There are two ways you can groom your dog. One is to use a dog grooming service. While this ensures proper grooming, it can be expensive.

The best way is to do it yourself. DIY dog grooming allows you to spend time with your dog and bond well with it. We have guidelines to help you groom your dog well. The dos and don’ts given in this idea will help you have enjoyable grooming sessions with your dog.

Dog grooming Equipment Basics

 Dog grooming EquipmentDog grooming Equipment


Grooming dogs is not only brushing your dog or bathing it. Dog grooming involves all the following:

  • Brushing the dog’s hair and fur coat thoroughly. Removing matted hair is important.
  • Bathing the dog and drying it properly.
  • Clean the eyes and ears.
  • Trimming the nails that could have become sharp
  • You should also clean eye stains.
  • Brushing the teeth is something to consider for hygiene.


The Do’s of Dog Grooming and Dog grooming Equipment


1. Use grooming equipment

Dog grooming equipment can help you carry out the grooming effectively. Some of the equipment that you can consider using include:

  • A slicker brush with steel pins that make brushing easy and prevents hair from matting.
  • If your dog has a lot of matted hair, you can get a de-matting comb that makes it easy to untangle matted hair.
  • A de-shedding tool is a good idea when your dog is shedding a lot.
  • Trimming your dog’s hair is required. You can get grooming shears or clippers to help you snip the hair easily.
  • Nail clippers will help you clip the nails conveniently.

Apart from this equipment, other products you need for grooming are:

  • Ear wash or wipes to clean the dog’s ears.
  • A paw balm that moisturizes the paw and keeps is soft.
  • A good quality pet shampoo is essential.
  • You can even use a face wash for the dog for the best effect.
  • Dog toothpaste and brush would be needed to maintain teeth hygiene.

2. Get help while grooming

Dog grooming needs patience and takes time. It would be difficult for larger dogs. Get help from someone during grooming. Children would be eager to help, and it makes grooming faster and enjoyable.

3. Do the grooming regularly with proper Dog grooming Equipment

Grooming is not a one-time activity. You need to do it regularly, so your dog is healthy and free from health problems. You should do the grooming at least once every four to six weeks. This ensures the dog’s fur is smooth and healthy without mats or skin problems. While grooming can be done every 4-6 weeks, a basic brushing needs to be done once every week.

4. Do the grooming outdoors

You need to do the grooming outdoors during the daytime, so you have plenty of light. In rainy weather, do it in a well-lit area. If the dog resists grooming, place an anti-slip mat so it doesn’t slip and fall while trying to run away.

5. Groom according to the breed

The grooming process varies depending on the type of dog breed. Dogs that have long hair or double coats need more extensive grooming. The grooming would take more time and you need a lot more patience.

6. Take advice from your vet

Talk to your vet before you start the grooming process. The vet will give you useful advice that would make the grooming a pleasant and smooth process. The vet will also advice you on the grooming equipment to use and the best products that are safe for your dog. You can also learn the grooming process from your vet.

7. Know your limits

While you may want to do the grooming yourself to save money, you should know your limits. Grooming is not easy especially with dogs that are frisky and don’t like to be groomed. Trimming the nails is not easy as it looks, and you can end up hurting the dog. If your dog is not comfortable, then consider using a professional groomer’s service.

Don’ts of dog grooming and Dog grooming Equipment

1. Don’t be in a hurry

You may be busy, but that doesn’t mean you use shortcuts. The grooming takes time, and you need to be patient and devote an hour for the process. If your dog is not ready to sit for a long time, break the grooming into two or three short sessions.

2. Don’t miss out any area

Some of the areas that can get missed out during grooming are the ears, eyes, and the anal glands. Use a soft cloth or a wet cotton ball to clean these areas. Be gentle while cleaning sensitive areas.

3. Don’t force your pet

Some pet parents make the mistake of forcing the pet to sit still during grooming. They do it by restraining the pet or holding it tightly. This should never be done. This makes the dog fearful and frustrated. It can make future grooming sessions difficult.

4. Avoid scented shampoos

Scented shampoos or shampoos with fragrances are good for you. What is good for you is not necessarily good for your furry friend. Dogs can be allergic to fragrances. Avoid using scented shampoos. Apart from irritating their nose, such shampoos can irritate the skin. Look for a shampoo that is soft on the skin.

5. Don’t use non-pet products

You can be tempted to use the same products that you use for grooming your dog. These products may not be suitable for your dog. Avoid using products meant for humans and get pet products.

6. Don’t bath the dog too often

Bathing your dog is something you need to do as and when required. It is not compulsory to bathe the dog every week. It depends on your dog breed. Some dogs don’t like frequent bathing. Bathing can strip the dog’s coat of the natural oils that keep the skin healthy. Bathing your dog should be only when it’s dirty. Never use a blow-dryer as your dog may be scared.