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Dog Heated Bed Every Pet should have a one

Dog Heated Bed

Dog Heated Bed

Every dog should have its own Dog Heated Bed. A dog bed is not just an accessory. Its a safe place where your fur friend can enjoy the comfort, warmth, and security they deserve.

A Heated bed provides warmth to your dog’s body keeping them comfy even on the cooler days. Dogs love the warmth and comfort heated dog beds provide rather than the chilly, cold and hard floor. Newborn puppies can find it hard to cope with cold weather. If you live in a cold area. Having a heated bed for dogs can help your puppies survive through the harsh winters. On the other hand, an old dog with weaker joints would also love to retire in a warm, cozy bed for the winters.

The chocolate heated bed shown above is a great bed with plenty of cushioning, the inside pillow is completely removeable with the heat pad sat underneath. The bed runs on a low voltage of only 12v meaning it can also be used in a motorhome or vehicle. Designed for cats and dogs although medium size dogs would probably be about the size limit. All our beds can of course be washed at 40c in the washing machine. 

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