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Dog Kennel

Dog Kennel

Dog Kennel or Garden Kennel when your looking for a safe place to keep your dog while you’re away?

Asking your groomer, vet, pet-owning neighbours, or friends for recommendations of dog sitters or boarding kennels is an excellent place to begin. You want to make sure you choose the ideal “second home” for your pet. Therefore, having proper knowledge is crucial before you hand over your dog to someone else.


If you have decided to put him in a boarding facility, it takes a lot to trust that your beloved dog will be in excellent care. There’s no way to guarantee that your beloved dog will love his accommodation. However, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of placing him in an undesirable setting or boarding kennel.


Although it may have to do without mentioning, one must carefully tour a boarding kennel before reserving it for your puppy. Also, make sure the boarding kennel meets all of these requirements.

1.   Request Credentials and Certificates

They must have a certification and license to care for pets, which is the initial factor you must consider. Depending on where you reside, boarding kennels are authorized and inspected differently.

For instance, every state in the US has its unique set of laws. There must be some variations in their licenses, although they may be comparable from region to region.

When inspecting boarding kennels, ask them to show permits. If the representatives try to ignore you or do not show you proper paperwork, leave immediately.

2.   Ask About Their Healthcare Coverage

Is the facility covered to care for your pet, and do they have coverage to guarantee all unexpected events?

Their policy should provide coverage for events like:


  • Any accident or illness that occurs to the dog while in their supervision.
  • Assaulting a human.
  • Grooming your dog.

3.   Every Dog Kennel Must Have 24-Hour Veterinarian Service

They must have a veterinarian available around-the-clock, every day of the month. After obtaining the veterinarian’s contact information, you may also reach out to them to confirm that they’re genuinely associated with the caretaking facility.

4.   Review Their Immunization Practice

They must request documentation of your pet’s immunizations whenever you register your dog into a boarding Garden kennel. Additionally, you ought to enquire about their immunization policies.

5.   Spacious and Modern Kennels

A kennel is among the quickest and easiest things to inspect at a pet boarding service. Request to inspect the area where your puppies will rest and reside.

The laws regulating kennel facilities vary by region in the United States. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, pets must be able to stand and sit at their maximum length, lie down, stretch out, and move around happily and freely.

Other crucial elements regarding their sleeping and living area include:

  • Your pet always gets access to their bathroom and their own sleeping space.
  • Your pet has access to a space free of humans or other animals.
  • Your pet has enough toys and stimulation.
  • Your dog must have his kennel.
  • Garden Kennel must be weatherproof.
  • The kennels must be hygienic and odor-free.

Considering the overall hygiene, the overall facility must be spotless and smell-free.

When your dog returns from a shelter smelling terrible, there may have been fungal issues inside, which could also contribute to the spread of illness and infection.

6.   Indoor and Outdoor Dog Kennel Activity Area’s

Nobody would want their dog to get bored or upset if it isn’t trained. The dogs must have enough space in the facility center where they can interact and socialize with other dogs and have fun rather than sitting or sleeping all the time in their rooms.

7.   A Dog Kennel must provide Daily Exercise and Walks for Your Dog

Your dog has to be exercised once a day. Additionally, they must have access to a space where they can run whenever they want.

8.   Search Online for the Reviews and Reputation of the Boarding Kennel

Step back if you need help discovering the boarding facilities. Nobody would want their dog to be the trial subject, especially if they are inexperienced. It’s preferable if you search for the boarding kennels near me.

9.   Inquire About Their Approach to Recognizing and Managing Kennel Anxiety or if they have a Garden Kennel

How well the dog caretaking facility manages anxiety in dogs is something else to check for. Several dogs experience boarding kennel anxiety while there, with some suffering more than others.

Several dogs may experience temporary anxiety issues for a couple of days, but some require exceptional professional help since they can’t handle it completely.

It’s possible for several dogs to reside at the kennel, which may make your puppy feel neglected. Inquire about the kennel’s plans for following up on issues and their response procedure if your dog becomes anxious.

10.                Reserve a Night in a Dog Kennel to Try It Out

Additionally, they ought to have no problem with you scheduling a one-night stay for a trial. This practice will allow you to assess the situation while also allowing your pet to become accustomed to the center and lessen the likelihood of kennel discomfort. Expect to receive a free trial.

11.                You Need to Complete a Dog Info Report

A boarding kennel can only provide your dog with the best treatment if they know about his temperament and personality. Make sure to fill out the information sheet regarding your canine companion.

Several details are included in the data report, including things like:

  • Your dog’s preferences.
  • Your dog’s allergies, health issues, and medical history.
  • Habits and sleeping patterns of your dog.
  • All ongoing medications the dog may be on.
  • Dietary needs.
  • A reliable family member’s or friend’s contact number that the facilities can call if they cannot reach you must also be listed in the information record.

12.                Employees Are Kind and Courteous

How did the employees greet you when you arrived at the boarding kennels? These little details can provide a lot of information about how well your pet will be cared for throughout his boarding.

Bottom Line on Garden Kennel

Trusting someone to take proper care of your dog when you’re gone can be challenging. Finding an ideal boarding facility will keep both of you in peace and comfort.

Invest some time to make the proper decisions and inquire about all the necessary concerns before making a reservation.