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Dog Supplements to Support the Health and Well-Being


Dog Supplements – Want to know a secret?

Every pet parent has a handful of favourite herbal drops and natural dog supplements.

While nothing beats the benefits of a well-balanced diet, experienced pet parents know that some female dogs and puppies need extra supplementation to boost physical and emotional wellness. This is especially true for pregnant and nursing dogs and young puppies that need additional supplementation to stay healthy.

If you are searching for natural supplements for female dogs and puppies, here are some client-approved options for your consideration.

Healthy Supplements for Female Dogs

Female dogs have unique needs, especially during mating season, pregnancy and after birth. We have shortlisted some dog supplements that can support the overall health of your canine companions during these crucial stages.

Dog Supplements – Raspberry Leaf Tablets: Soothing Support for Reproductive Health

Dorwest Raspberry Leaf Tablets contain natural plant extract to support whelping and female dogs experiencing phantom pregnancies.

The herbal supplement is enriched with multivitamins and minerals to strengthen and tone the uterine lining. It has nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory properties that prepare the uterus for pregnancy and comfortable delivery.

Dosage:  Recommended for daily supplementation starting from the third week of gestation till whelping. Consult your vet to adjust the dosage based on your dog’s needs.

Wheatgerm Oil Capsules: Vitamin E Supplement for Overall Health

Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules are enriched with pure Vitamin E and antioxidants. Their natural properties provide essential supplementation for the healthy functioning of vital organs, especially the nervous system and reproductive organs. It also supports skin health and ensures the fur looks healthy and shiny.

Wheatgerm oil also maintains natural fertility by revitalising the reproductive system. Regular usage during mating season and gestation may minimise the risk of a miscarriage.

The all-natural ingredients make it a safe supplement for dogs of all ages.

Dosage:  Suitable for daily use to support overall health and wellness. Breeders can add it to their dog’s diet during the heat cycle and preferably continue supplementation for thirty days after mating.  In both cases, we advise you to adjust the dosage based on the dog’s weight and health.

Calci Care Liquid Calcium: Natural Support for Bone Health

Are you looking for calcium supplements for female dogs?

Animal Health Company Calci Care Liquid Calcium provides natural supplementation for calcium insufficiency and deficiencies in female dogs. The liquid formula improves efficacy by allowing the body to absorb the nutrients easily after your dog ingests the supplement.

Great for pregnancy and lactation, the calcium solution supports the development of puppies during pregnancy. It also boosts natural milk production, allowing mums to feed their puppies after whelping.

For everyday usage, these calcium supplements maintain healthy bones and teeth. They also support muscle function and the nervous system, making them a good choice for senior dogs experiencing mobility issues.

Dosage: Suitable for daily supplementation, delivered orally or mixed with pet feed. Consult a veterinarian to determine the adequate calcium intake for your dog.

Dog Supplements – Urtica Urens 3C: Herbal Drops for After-Birth Care

 Dorwest Urtica Urens 3C is the diluted form of nettle herb extracts, perfect for mums after whelping. The herbal drops are brimming with the goodness of multivitamins and nutrients that rejuvenate the mum’s overall health after birth. The nourishing herb can strengthen uterine muscles, soothe pain, and support natural recovery after the delivery.

It can also promote the natural reduction of milk production once the puppies begin weaning. It regulates hormone levels and emotional wellness in female dogs experiencing postpartum hormonal imbalances.

Dosage: 3-5 drops per day are recommended after whelping. Consult a vet to ensure the dosage meets your dog’s unique health needs.

Healthy Supplements for Puppies  

Newborn puppies and young dogs need tender love and care from pet parents. They also need a dose of calcium supplements and vitamins to support their natural growth and development.

Here are our top picks for puppy supplements:

Life Drops for Puppy: Herbal Drops to Promote Vitality

Life Drops for Puppy contains a botanical blend of herbal extracts like capsicum, peppermint, elderflower, hawthorn, and cola nut. This unique infusion works as an elixir to promote vitality in newborn puppies during premature birth or for those experiencing health issues.

The stimulating effects of this supplement for puppies promote the natural development and functioning of various organs, including the brain, heart, stomach and intestines. It also regulates the nervous system and boosts the puppy’s mood, making them less restless during the first few weeks.

Dosage:  Read the label for proper administration. Dosage may be adjusted based on the puppy’s weight and symptoms.

Dog Supplements – Welpi: Substitute for Mother’s Milk

Pet Life Welpi is a well-balanced milk formula with essential nutrients found in a mother’s milk. It fulfills a newborn puppy’s dietary needs during the early stages of development. The supplement contains animal proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other essentials.

Pet parents consider it an excellent milk substitute for orphaned puppies or puppies whose mums are experiencing lactation problems. The nourishing formula is easy to prepare, serve, and digest. These qualities make it suitable for puppies with sensitive digestive systems.

Dosage:  Use a 2:1 ratio of water and milk powder for one serving. You can modify the blend and serving size based on the puppy’s needs and appetite.

For bulk purchases, we supply a Welpi Tub (2 kg) to accommodate the needs of multiple newborn puppies or parents that want to stock up on the milk supplement.

Dog Supplements – Calcium Tablets: Promotes Healthy Bone and Teeth Development

Beaphar Calcium Tablets support the natural development of bones, teeth, skin, and fur coat.

These tablets are the ideal choice for newborn puppies and young dogs needing extra developmental support.  Strong bones support physical strength and promote healthy muscle coordination. In addition to this, healthy teeth make chewing easier for pups transitioning to a solid food diet during weaning.

Dosage:  Suitable for everyday supplementation. Ask the veterinarian for advice to adjust calcium intake based on your puppy’s dietary needs.

Tum Ease: A Soothing Supplement for Upset Stomach

Tum Ease is a natural digestive aid for puppies. The herbal blend contains soothing herbs like chamomile, ginger, liquorice, and fenugreek. Their anti-inflammatory properties gently comfort upset tummies and alleviate common symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, gas, and vomiting.

It also aids digestion by boosting lost appetite and supporting a puppy during the weaning phase.

Dosage: You can add a few drops to the puppy’s feed or water for hassle-free administration.

In a Nutshell on Dog Supplements

Every pet parent wants to give their canine companions the best care possible. Natural dog supplements accommodate individual health needs by revitalising and rejuvenating physical and emotional health. They also provide dogs with additional nutrients to overcome challenges faced during early development, heat cycles, gestation, whelping, and other milestones in life.

At Petnap, we provide pet parents with a wide range of premium-quality products for female dogs and puppies. You can find whelping supplement kits, stress relief drops and other natural supplements to accommodate your furry friend’s health needs.

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