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Dog Toys

Dog Toys

Dog Play Toys

Dog Toys for chewing and playing are normal canine behaviours. Even though certain dogs will chew or play more than others, toys are an essential item for every dog. As a matter of fact, dogs can develop behavioural problems if they don’t have the correct channels to follow their instincts.

There is a huge variety of dog toy options that you can choose from. This can make the process of choosing the right one for your dog quite overwhelming. Some dog parents end up with loads of toys collecting dust as the toys they buy don’t interest their dogs.

When it comes to a dog’s toy preference, it all depends on their personal style of chewing and playing. In this article, we talk about some of the most popular dog toys that your pooch will surely like.

What are the Best Dog Toys?

A lot of dog owners wonder if there’s the best dog toy: a single toy that’s going to make their dog happy while challenging them and developing their skills. Even though there’s a vast variety of dog toys available now, there’s no best dog toy. Every dog likes different toys.

In addition, different dog toys are beneficial for different dogs. Certain dogs love playing games and doing exercise. For such dogs, toys that involve chasing, tugging, or running are the best ones. On the other hand, certain dogs, particularly smaller ones, are indoor animals and might prefer toys that don’t require them to move around a lot.

Remember that every dog has a different personality. Thus, you should try to get a dog toy that matches their personality. Finding the toy that your pooch likes the most might take some time. Nevertheless, if they have multiple options to pick from, it’ll be easier for them to discover their interests.

Different Dog Toys You Should Get for Your Dog

Here are some of the different types of dog toys that you should get for your dog.

1.      Chew Dog Toys

Apart from being visually appealing and generally squeaky, chew toys for dogs serve a very important purpose. Dogs are very fond of chewing, and they will do it whenever they get the chance. Sadly for you, this means destroyed sofas and multiple pairs of chewed-up slippers. By giving chew toys to your dog, you are going to promote healthy and constructive chewing that’s going to encourage them to focus their energy on the toys instead of your wardrobe.

Chew toys for dogs can also stimulate saliva production. This can contribute to improved dental health in dogs. Some toys are even designed as dental toys. These toys can help your pooch chew their way to healthier gums and better breath. If you’re giving a dental chew toy to your dog, you need to ensure they don’t break off and ingest large pieces of the toy.

2.      Rope Toys

Rope toys are extremely versatile toys on the market. You can use them to play fetch or engage them in an exciting tug-of-war game. Plus, you can use them indoors or outdoors in a dog park or your backyard.

The best thing about rope toys is that they are available in several forms. For instance, some rope toys have attached balls, whereas others have multiple knots. In fact, there are also freestanding rope toys with stakes to put in the ground so your dog can tug all by themselves. When you invest in a high-quality rope toy for your dog, you really cannot go wrong!

3.      Squeak Dog Toys

Dogs love to play with squeak toys. These toys are extremely fun and stimulating. Just a single squeeze, and your pet’s going to know it is playtime. Squeaky toys can also activate your pooch’s auditory sense. You really couldn’t ask for anything better!

4.      Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are an excellent way to mentally stimulate your dog and keep them busy when you are away. These toys are typically designed to hide treats, and your pooch will have to solve different levels of challenging puzzles to find a hidden treat. Certain puzzle toys have complex designs with openable flaps and pullable levers and can keep your dog busy for hours.

5.      Treat-Dispensing Toys

Very similar to puzzle toys but slightly simpler, treat-dispensing toys are a fun way for your pet to get a snack. They can come in the form of balls that have to be turned in a particular way to release treats. Moreover, they can come in the form of chew balls or toys with treats stuffed inside.

Some treat-dispensing toys have different levels of difficulty. Thus, when your dog learns how to get a treat, you increase the difficulty level a little. All in all, treat-dispensing toys are ideal if you’re frequently away.

6.      Plush Toys

Available in infinite varieties of shapes, sizes, and colours, plush toys are made with different textures and fabrics to keep your dog busy. Some plush toys even have squeakers along with other built-in sounds and are generally resistant to chewing.

7.      Water Toys

A lot of dogs love to swim and play in the water. Thus, water toys are an excellent way to increase fun on hot summer days. From floating rubber “skipping stones” to retrieval toys and floating beds, dog water toys are available in many forms. Simply stated, as long as the toy floats, it is good to go in the swimming pool. Water toys are fun toys that can even attach to garden hoses, and your dog will love to run around spraying water.

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