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Dog Whelping Kit Tips for 2022

5 Whelping Kits Tips for 2022

whelping kit

It’s okay if you’re equal parts anxious and delighted about the impending arrival of your dog’s puppies having a dog whelping kit at hand will only help. You would require an enclosed, secure, and heated whelping carton for her in addition to the various other things you need to do because it will safeguard the puppies’ early development and protection throughout birth.

The dog whelping kit and box are essential whether you are a novice dog breeder or you have a single litter. It is highly likely that you didn’t purchase a home that had a whelping box. After all, who plans for this stuff anyway? Most pet owners with experience tend to cordon off a portion of their home for roughly six weeks as a dog breeding facility. But how can you design a whelping container that doesn’t seem out of place? Well, here are some answers to that and a host of other tips for setting up your dog for whelping.

1.      Measure a Space and Stake Out That Location!

Determine the location where the whelping box should be placed by taking a look around. It is always important to take into account the area of the home where your female dog feels most comfortable while pregnant, but if it is a small, dim area, you might need to assist her in moving before giving birth.

Consider a space that is empty and in the middle of which a whelping box can be placed. If an additional room is not available, a room corner will do. Keep a note of the measurements after determining the area’s size. You’re taking measurements to make sure the mum will fit in the nest you’ve built there.

Secure that location and reposition your existing furniture so that the room flows smoothly. In this manner, you avoid awkwardly positioning the whelping box and putting your buck in that region of undue stress.

2.      DIY or Buy a dog whelping kit?

Based on the dimensions of the given space, construct the whelping box. Lucky you if you locate items in your own storage that meets your demands. You must carefully plan the components of your nest if you’re thinking of creating it for yourself.

Pick strong materials like laminated chipboard, melamine or wood. Melamine is the ideal material to use as a whelping basket because it doesn’t absorb or trap scents. Linoleum makes the floors simple to maintain and protects both the floor of your house and the under section of the nest. Disposable cardboard boxes are great for speed and quickness and can be purchased from the petnap website.

Always keep in mind that there are countless design options for a comfortable and completely functional whelping box. Pick a hue that complements both your furnishings and your walls. You can always discuss your ideas with a talented carpenter who can assist you in creating an excellent whelping box.

Additionally, other dog owners will talk about your home when they see the box you personalized. You’ll be thrilled to explain to your peers how your passion led you to build the nest.

3.      Have It Prepared at Least Three Weeks Ahead of the Due Date!

The bitch has to be familiar with her den so that she will want to remain inside the whelping enclosure whenever the moment arises. She shouldn’t be sheltering and delivering a baby in remote locations. To the greatest extent feasible, we also wish to prevent the inconvenience of cleaning.

Encourage her to enjoy the nest by allowing her to eat and sleep there. Add some easily replaceable bedding, such blankets, towels, or newspapers, to keep her cozy. To keep her warm, try placing heating beds between her sheets. Install a heat light directly above the nest if the heated bed is not available. The puppies also benefit from the heat once they are born till they are ready, in addition to the mother.

4.      Keep Everything Tidy in your dog whelping kit

Being organized is crucial. In order to prevent it from becoming an eyesore at home, you must ensure that the whelping carton is clean each day.

It is pertinent to ensure that everything is accessible by placing the towels and rugs in the right spots close to the box. To quickly discard waste paper towels or newspapers, place a trash can nearby. To get rid of the smell, change the towel sheets daily and wash them right away. To prevent attracting insects to your whelping nest, including insects, mosquitoes, and cockroaches, clean your pet’s feeding area and utensils immediately after each meal. In particular, roaches and flies can spread bacteria that might harm young animals.

5.      Let the Puppies Run Free!

The puppies will eventually start to show curiosity. They will rummage through their mother’s food, loiter about the box, and smell it thoroughly. The pups can play within the nest if you add a small playroom. This is a sweet element in their pen that presents you with a priceless scene of puppies having fun. It will make your house’s focal point better!

All new born living creatures are curious and it is unsurprising. All that is around them feels new and unfamiliar. Although they are unaware of the fact that they might be spending a long time in these surroundings, they still want to go out and explore almost everything. And while it is important to let them roam free, it is also vital to seal off any places that might present a danger to them.

By allowing the puppies to go out and enjoy, you are also giving the mum ample time to recover from the whelping. Like human pregnancies, dogs will also need some time to get their health status back to what it was before the pregnancy. Once the mum is ready, she will be able to look after her kids on her own.


These techniques will help you solve your design conundrum of how to create a whelping container that also looks good in your house. That said, an attractive whelping box isn’t everything, as any dog lover and fan of home design would understand.

A dog in discomfort won’t pick cuteness over comfort. She needs your assistance to get through the birthing process; she’ll be appreciative of your best efforts to construct a safe haven for her and her young.