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Fleece for Whelping

Fleece for Whelping

Fleece for Whelping

Fleece for Whelping boxes and a whelping box is not just a place where your pet gives birth – it has to be a safe and comfortable area where your pet’s maternal nesting instincts get nurtured, so she feels ready and secure to deliver her babies there. Simultaneously, the whelping box must be cosy enough for the fur babies to enjoy their first four weeks safely. The best way to ensure the whelping box is safe and plushy enough for the mother and babies is to get the best bedding material.

Dog beds and puppy pads make the best bedding materials for the whelping box. We have curated a list of the best bedding materials for your whelping box below:

1.      Here we Go! Non-Slip Fleece for Whelping Box

Your pet would absolutely love you for choosing the non-slip pads by Here We Go ! because they are quick to absorb fluids and easily washable. Its cost, comfort, durability, and washing convenience make it the ideal whelping box bedding.

The nicest thing about these pads is that they are reusable, and their curved edges guarantee they won’t slide about in the whelping box. Another plus point is that these pads are odor- and color-fade-resistant and waterproof.

This pad is multifunctional and can be used for house entering and breaking, grooming, and whelping. It can be kept in a large whelping box, kennel, create, or playpen. Both large and tiny dogs will benefit significantly from the pad’s 65 x 48 dimensions.

2.      Petnap Fleece for Whelping

Who doesn’t like a comfy and leakproof whelping box bedding? This Fleece Bedding by Petnap ensures to pass through all the liquid from the surface so that your bitch and pups stay dry and comfortable throughout their time in the whelping box. You will need to place some absorbing pads under it to soak all the liquids in so there is no mess.

Since it is manufactured entirely of virgin polyester, the Petnap Fleece Bedding inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

It is easily customisable, allowing you to make your ideal whelping box. You can simply purchase the standard size and adjust it to fit your whelping box’s size. Cutting and installing it are also simple. The corners are not pointy or rough, ensuring that your pups won’t get wounded.

3.      AllfitSOFT Whelping Box Fleece for Whelping

If you are looking for a high-quality luxury pet bedding item, AllfitSOFT’s Liner for Whelping Box is for you. Small pups can safely use it because it is constructed of non-woven material. The whelping box and wooden floors are kept dry thanks to the four-layer design, which is also incredibly absorbent.

Its reliable and sturdy seam work adds elegance, longevity, and durability for both indoor and outdoor use. This mat is available in various sizes, and you can customise it to fit any whelping box. The lining is ideal for both parents and pups since it can be washed and reused.

This bedding is designed to protect your floors and whelping boxes with fast-absorbing fluids. Water won’t soak through the waterproof layer at the bottom and into the flooring. Additionally, the non-slip finish stops it from sliding and harming the pet or your whelping box setup.

General Tips for Buying The Right Fleece for Whelping Bedding Material


1.      Go for Cost-Friendly Bedding Materials

Your dog will start having vaginal discharge 2-3 days before delivering her babies. The birthing process is quite messy, not to forget the cute little ones peeing and messing stuff around. It’s a good idea to start with a few inexpensive and disposable bedding materials for the whelping box since you will have to change them multiple times. It would be best to change the whelping box bedding once every day for the first-week post-delivery and twice or thrice every day for the next few weeks as the mother stops cleaning them up.

2.      Never Disregard the Quality

While cost-friendly bedding items would be a good option, don’t compromise on the quality. The whelping box bedding must have good products and fabrics so your pet can feel easy, secure, and have fun.

Due to its low cost and ease of replacement, many pet keepers prefer a newspaper, trash, or wood chips. However, this approach is not secure because pups may experience harm from these elements. Straws, wood shavings, and poisonous newspaper ink may all harm pups. Additionally, several pet owners utilise worn-out clothing and towels, which may suffocate or choke the puppies.

Your whelping box bedding serves as a nesting cushion and a waterproof covering to give the mother and the babies the utmost ease and safety. It must be of high quality to soak in bodily fluids like pee and keep your pets dry for longer. By doing so, the mother and puppies are protected from the cold and able to retain body heat.

3.      Buy Durable Bed and Beddings

Your dog may occasionally chew the box or bedding or pull items out. Therefore, to solve this issue, you should purchase strong and durable bed bases so your pet cannot easily damage the box or its bedding.

We suggest choosing a veterinarian whelping bedding if you can opt for an expensive option. It is constructed of durable, machine-washable synthetic fleece fabric so that you can use it for an extended period.

4.      Body Heat Retention

Ensure the bedding materials has a high amount of body heat retention. You can use acrylic bedding for coverings (if necessary) to keep the pups comfortable and warm. Additionally, you should maintain a supply of fresh linens and towels on hand. To further insulate the area and offer your dog more solitude, you may also throw a blanket over the bed.

Conclusion on Fleece for Whelping

All of the above Fleece for Whelping suggestions and tips are crucial when choosing the best bedding material. You must be ready and stocked to change the bedding multiple times each day to preserve hygiene and sanitation. Ensure your pups’ bedding is insulated and warm.

You may pick the whelping box bedding based on the size, breed, and age of your pet and a number of additional requirements. With time and age, your dog’s whelping box specifications will change. It would be best if you planned everything so that it will all fit when your pups grow. Make the necessary preparations to ensure the pet and babies have a relaxing and enjoyable visit.