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Flexiguard Heat Pads

Flexiguard Heat Pads

Flexiguard Heat Pads

Do you have any Flexiguard Heat Pads ? Do you have an elderly pet? Is your cat or dog feeling their age when they wake up? Do they struggling to move around as freely as they used to? Joint issues such as arthritis are an exceptionally common occurrence in pets. As lifespans of our domesticated pets are getting longer due to improvements in veterinary science and nutrition. There is certain conditions that are becoming more prevalent. As the cat or dog ages, degeneration to the capsule will occur which hold the adjacent bones together caused by general wear and tear to the joint. This is the cause of the condition, arthritis – the inflammation and friction in the joint cause’s pain and discomfort to the pet which, left untreated, will continue to deteriorate and cause suffering to the pet. 

In addition to medication prescribed by your veterinary surgeon there are adjustments that can be made at home to help your pet become more comfortable. A great investment would be the Flexiguard Heat Pad from Petnap! Providing a warm bed with a constant temperature will give your pet a comfortable place to rest, improving circulation to extremities and helping maintain body temperature. 

Available in three different sizes and powered by mains electricity. The Flexiguard Heat Pad for cats and dogs is designed to be left on continuously at a minimal running cost. A few pence per day! The Cosi Cover is the ideal thickness to ensure the even spread of warmth. The Flexiguard Heat Pad will maintain a temperature close to that of the body temperature of the pet. 

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