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Heated Beds for Cats

Heated Beds for Cats

Heated Beds for Cats

Heated Beds for Cats are great despite their glorious fur coats, cats love to curl up and doze off in the warmest spot they can find in the house. If you find your cat routinely napping in a sliver of sunlight or find yourself struggling to keep it off your laptop keyboard, you might want to consider buying a heated bed for your furry friend.

Heated cat beds are specifically designed to keep your cat cosy and comfortable without the risk of overheating. These beds have significantly lower wattage than regular electric blankets. Therefore, they are safe for your pets. They are an excellent investment, especially if your cat is older and suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Like any major purchase, there are plenty of things to consider before buying a heated bed. Since it is a purchase for your cat, you must also account for its behaviour to buy a product that will ultimately be beneficial rather than a worry. We have compiled a list of the primary factors you should consider when purchasing a heated bed for your cat. Keep all these things in mind and buy a bed your cat will love using.

Benefits of a Heated Bed for Your Cat

Before purchasing a heated bed, you might want to research its advantages and if it is a worthwhile investment. Heated beds are excellent for all cats, but senior cats with joint conditions and sick or injured cats are the ones that truly benefit from them. The warm bed soothes joint pain and can slowly nurse them back to health. If your cat is older, a heated bed is excellent to provide them with much-needed comfort.

Apart from that, heated beds are also excellent for keeping newborn kittens warm. Your active cat might also find respite in the heated bed during peak winter. All in all, a heated cat bed will provide your cat with the warmth needed to make it comfortable during winter, but it is not a necessity. However, the many benefits of a heated bed show that it will ultimately make your cat relaxed and comfortable, especially if they have chronic pain from joint conditions.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Heated Cat Bed

While it may seem like buying a heated bed must be straightforward, there are some things to consider before choosing the one that fits all your needs. Since your cat will use the bed, you need to buy one that can withstand a cat’s scratching and chewing. No one knows your cat better than you; therefore, buy a bed that your cat can regularly use without any issues.

Here are the things you should consider to end up buying a bed that will suit your cat perfectly:

1. Durable

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying anything for your cat. The durability factor is even more crucial when it comes to a bed because you want your cat to use it regularly. Cats like to make themselves comfortable by chewing or scratching surfaces, and the heated bed is no exception. Therefore, make sure you buy a bed that can withstand scratching or chewing.

2. Structural Strength

This factor is important for covered heated beds. There are heated beds on the market shaped like a tunnel to provide a fun activity for your cat. When buying such beds, ensure they are structurally sound enough and do not pose a risk of total collapse. Cats are easily excitable, and a strong bed is needed to accommodate them.

3. Ease of Cleaning of Heated Beds for Cats

If you plan on having your cat use the heated bed regularly, a considerable amount of fur will accumulate in it. Make sure to buy a bed made of a material that is easily cleaned since you will need to clean out the heated bed regularly.

4. Covered Wiring

Any heated bed with wiring is not completely chew-proof, and a persistent cat can chew through the rubber or plastic covering. However, the wires should be strong enough to withstand some chewing to make the bed safe to use. Petnap’sheated pet bedscome with a bottom compartment where you can insert a heating pad and plug it in. The cords are sturdy enough for rough use and can be plugged in safely. However, if your cat has a severe chewing problem, then you might want to consider the purchase altogether.

5. Your Cat’s Preference of Heated Beds for Cats

There are several styles of cat beds that you can buy. However, we highly recommend buying one that fits your cat’s preferences. If your cat is more adventurous, you might want to buy Petnap’s outdoor heated cat house. If your cat is a fan of curling up in closed spaces, then a covered bed might be the way to go. Make sure to think about your cat’s choices and then buy a bed it will like to use.

6. The Location

The area of the house you will place your bed in also contributes to your choice of a heated bed. Heated beds are available in different sizes and shapes that can be placed in different areas of the house. For smaller spaces, you can buy a heated cat dome fromPetnap for your cat to curl in. Similarly, a heated cat tunnel is also great if you want to buy a bed that will take up less space.

Final Thoughts on Heated Beds for Cats

Heated pet beds can provide comfort and delight to your cat, and we are sure you want the best for your feline friend. For the best heated cat bed in the UK, visit our websitefor a range of heated cat beds.  Our pet beds are affordable, sturdy, and ones you would like to buy after careful consideration. The weather outside can be frightening, but you can keep your cat comfortable with these heated beds easily.