Heated Dog Beds

Petnaps Heated Dog Beds are great for keeping your pet dog warm and cosy on cold days our Heated Dog Beds come in range of styles and sizes to suit all dogs. Soft, warm and cosy our beds can help your dog get a good night’s sleep in comfort day or night.

The dog bed can of course be used all year with no problem, during the hotter months if your pet dog is feeling the heat a bit too much all you need do is simply turn it off or alternatively you can add an extra layer to the base of the bed like a blanket to stop as much heat getting through the heated bed pad.

As always, it’s best to ensure the heated bed is positioned in a nice private quiet area away and draught free to allow your dog to have a good peaceful night’s sleep.

To order your dog heated bed from Petnap just visit the website, just click the link to take a look. www.petnap.co.uk