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Heated Pet Bed Tips

Heated Pet Bed Tips

Heated pet bed

Heated Pet Bed Tips – Despite their fur coats, cats and dogs love curling up in extra warm spots and places to get comfortable. This is especially true in winter when the two pets roam around looking for the warmest places they can rest.

Whether it’s your cat curling up in a ball next to you for body heat or your dog sleeping near the heater, their need for warmth is evident. To help them feel warm and relaxed while sleeping, you might want to invest in a heated pet bed.

Heated pet beds use an internal heating element to make a snug and comfortable resting place for your pet. However, since they are electric appliances, you may need a few several safety tips to use them safely and keep your pet warm. Read on to find five safety tips to keep in mind when using a heated pet bed.

How Do Heated Pet Beds Work?

All heated beds use an electric element in the base that heats up when plugged in. Most use a heating pad whose temperature can be regulated by a remote control. There are also wireless and self-heating pet beds that can be used if you fear your cat or dog can chew on the cords.

Why Should You Purchase A Heated Pet Bed and Tips for Heated Pet Bed User?

As mentioned before, your dogs and cats have extra insulation in the form of their coats, which begs the question of whether a heated pet bed is a smart purchase. While the bed is not necessarily a need, it can provide comfort to old cats or dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

It is also useful for sick and injured pets and can provide comfort. A heated pet bed is also appropriate for keeping newborn puppies.

All these advantages of heated beds show that it is a worthy purchase if you prioritize providing comfort to your pets. Also, they can always be plugged off and used as a regular bed, which makes it a worthwhile investment. However, since this is an electric appliance primarily used by animals, you must be vigilant to ensure no accidents happen due to frayed electric cords.

Heated Pet Bed Tips

While you might regularly use an electric blanket easily, many more safety issues are associated with heated pet beds. Since animals do not behave in the same ways as humans, they might try to explore the wiring within the bed and end up causing an accident. All electric appliances are fire hazards in a way, but that risk heightens with animals using an electric appliance.

All this might lead you to ask, are heated pet beds safe? Manufacturers make these pet beds with a significantly lower wattage. Therefore, they are generally relatively safe. You can easily use a heated pet bed if you follow these safety tips vigilantly:

1. Supervise Your Pet While it Uses The Bed

While the beds are generally safe, keeping a close eye on your pet while they use the bed is important. This is to stop any chewing from happening. Both cats and dogs are inquisitive and like to chew things to explore them. This habit can become a safety hazard when done to electric cords.

Most heated beds have a removable heating element that is plugged in. These pads have their cords covered, but they are not chew-proof. With enough persistence, your cat or dog might be able to chew through the wires, which is a fire hazard. The best practice for heated beds is supervising your pet and discouraging them from chewing.

2. Keep Checking The Temperature of The Bed

While you can control the bed’s temperature, the heat buildup means that sometimes the bed can get really uncomfortable for your pets. Routinely check the bed from under your pet to see if it is tolerably warm and not downright blazing. Make sure you don’t let a pet that can’t move use the heated bed since it cannot leave if the temperature gets uncomfortable.

3. Check if The Product Can Be Used Outdoors

If you plan on using the bed outdoors, make sure to check if the product is outdoor standard. Products that are made for outdoor use are more durable and resistant to natural elements. Petnap provides waterproof outdoor heated pet houses which can be safely used at the pet owner’s discretion.

4. Check for Signs of Damage

You should routinely check for signs of any damage and wear and tear on the wiring of the bed before using it. Since pets use these beds roughly, there is a regular need for replacing wire or heating pads.

5. Know Your Pet

When purchasing a heated bed for your pet, it is essential to know your pet and its temperament before buying it. Cats or dogs who are enthusiastic chewers should be kept away from heated beds since they can damage the wiring and make it a fire hazard. Therefore, buying a bed according to your pet’s behaviour is also a safety tip.

Final Thoughts on Heated Pet Bed Tips

If you want to buy a heated pet bad for your pet’s comfort, the safety issues might be giving you pause. However, if you follow certain safety tips, you will have no issues using a heated pet bed.

Heated pet beds provide extra comfort and warmth, especially to senior and sick or injured animals. If you are interested in buying a heated pet bed in the UK, Petnap provides an excellent range of beds that come with a base compartment where you can insert a heating pad. This means you can also use these beds easily in other seasons. The beds also come in the form of tunnels and houses, providing stimulation to your cat or dog.

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