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Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm and Comfortable with Pet Heat Pads

Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm, after some time, observe the newborn puppies to check if the heating pet pad is working well. If the young dogs are active and peaceful, they are most likely comfortable with the environment and healthy enough to fight infections. They will also wander away from their mum and heat source when they feel too hot.

Keeping-newborn-puppies-warm-with pet heat pads

On the other hand, newborn puppies need help if they are shivering, uneasy, and whimpering. You can also gently touch them to see if they are cold. Slowly rub them with your hand to radiate body heat, and throw in a blanket they can cuddle in.


If the puppies’ condition remains unstable, consult a vet.


How to Set Up a Pet Heat Pad for Newborn Puppies – helps in Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm

If you use a heating pad to keep newborns warm, learn the basics. We have prepared a short guide to help you prepare for the pad ahead of time.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Pet Heat Pad 

Select a heating pad made specifically for small pets, specifically puppies. A pad with some cushioning and an appropriate size works best as it makes it safe for the puppies to rest on when they feel cold. You should also test the temperature settings to ensure they meet the requirements.


A pet heat pad with an automatic shutoff mode can maximise safety. It has a built-in sensor system that shuts down the device when the electrical system or surrounding area becomes too hot. This prevents the newborn puppies from excessive heat exposure.

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Placement

Whether placing the pet heat pad in a whelping box or an open area, ensure the place is clean and dry. Choose a draft-free location and a shady corner to prevent environmental elements from interfering with the heat energy it radiates.


If you are putting the heating pad inside a whelping box, keep it in a corner. This allows the newborn puppies to snuggle comfortably at one side and move to a cooler side if they feel too warm.


Step 3: Testing and Adjusting the Temperature

Newborn puppies are sensitive and weak. They cannot withstand high temperatures, so you should test the heating pad before usage. Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm ensure’s everything works properly and the thermostat is adjustable. The customisable feature allows you to change the temperature based on the puppies’ needs.


Here’s a tentative timeline and optimum temperature for setting up the heat pad after birth:


  • Week 1: 29-32°C (85-90°F)
  • Week 2-3: 27°C (80°F)
  • Week 4: 22 °C (72 °)


As the puppies grow stronger, you can lower the heating pad’s temperature. Active puppies may begin to stay away from the heat source longer and become more independent. By week 4 or 5, their bodies will start regulating heat well, allowing them to venture outside the whelping box.

Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm

Here’s a checklist you can follow while using a pet heat pad:


  1. DO NOT keep the whelping box or bed near the air conditioning unit or fans, as their presence can cause the temperature to fluctuate.
  2. DO place the whelping box away from the drafts and vents to prevent cool air streams from affecting the newborn puppies and their mum.
  3. DO NOT separate the litter, as the group manages to survive better huddled together.
  4. DO use a pet-safe thermometer to check the individual puppy’s temperature and ensure the cold ones receive extra love and attention.
  5. DO NOT keep the pet heat pads plugged in for prolonged periods, as the device will overheat due to non-stop usage.
  6. DO adjust temperature settings occasionally to create the optimum environment for keeping newborn puppies warm.


The key lies in checking how the puppies react to different temperature settings and adjusting them based on their developmental needs.


Looking for more information? Read this informative guide to learn about whelping a litter.

In a Nutshell on Keeping Newborn Puppies Warm

After birth, keeping newborn puppies warm and cosy becomes the most essential task for pet parents. A pet heat pad allows you to control temperature settings efficiently without disturbing the pups or their mum. Then when the time is right, the puppies will have naturally regulated body heat without assistance.

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