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Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis

Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis

If you have suffered from arthritis or know someone suffering from this condition, you will know how painful it can be. Pets also suffer with it causing severe pain that can be debilitating. Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis can be an ideal help/solution to the problem. Just as humans suffer from arthritis, so do pets. While humans can voice their problems, pets can’t.

Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis

Pet suffer from arthritic pain that make it difficult for them to walk and move around normally. One of the best ways of providing them relief is by using heat therapy. In the same way as you use heating pads to get pain relief, pets can also get relief from heat therapy.

This guide will tell all you need to know about pet heating pads. The information will help use the heating pads to treat your pet that is suffering from arthritis.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy involves deliver heat to the areas affected by pain. It is one of the best ways to get relief from pain caused by arthritis. Medications may provide instant relief but can have harmful side effects. Heat therapy is a safe and convenient way to get relief from arthritic pain. This therapy helps humans and pets. It is not just useful for arthritis but for all types of aches and pains.

Heat therapy involves delivering heat to the areas affected by pain. The heat can be delivered in different ways. Soaking in hot water is one way, but it involves a lot of work including cleaning up later. The most convenient way is to use a heating pad. The heating pad can be placed on the affected area and the area is heated up.

How they work?

When the affected area becomes warm, it enlarges the blood vessels. This increases blood circulation in the affected area. Oxygen supply is increase, which helps in relaxing the muscles and providing pain relief. It is a convenient and comfortable way of getting pain relief, particularly for arthritis sufferers. Heating pads are thus a great option for treating arthritic pain.

Heating pads for pets with arthritis

Heating pads for pets can be very helpful in treating pets that suffer from arthritis. If you notice your pet not being as frisky as before or limping, then it could be due to arthritis. Take the pet to a vet who would find out the problem. If your pet is diagnosed with arthritis, you must do all that is possible to help it recover well.

A heating pad is the best solution to provide pain relief and make your pet feel comfortable. Regular use of the pet heating pad can provide pain relief. It can also help in long term improvement of symptoms. A key thing to note here is that you must not use a heating pad meant for humans.

The body temperatures of humans and pets are different. A heating pad meant for humans would be too hot for pets. Using the same heating pad can be risky as it can cause burns. The extreme heat can scare your pet making it run away when it sees the heating pad. The solution is to get a pet heating pad that is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of pet animals like dogs and cats. There are even heating pads meant for reptiles and smaller animals.

Benefits of using Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis

 Using a heating pad offers many benefits. These benefits explain why a heating pad is a product you need at home when you have a pet.

  • When you use pet heating pad, it delivers heat to the limbs affected by arthritis. This ensures relief from pain and makes your pet feel comfortable.
  • Heat therapy is convenient, comfortable for your pet, and is very relaxing. It relaxes the muscles and makes your pet feel better.
  • As mentioned above, heat therapy enhances blood circulation in the affected areas. This has a direct impact on pain relief. It can work very fast.
  • Whether it is arthritic pain, stiff joint, or muscle spasms, heat delivered through a heating pad can offer great relief.
  • Apart from offering pain relief, heat therapy can help improve the flexibility of muscles. This can be very useful in long-term relief from arthritic symptoms.
  • Dogs that suffer from arthritis can slowly improve their health and be able to move around actively like before.
  • Heat therapy is effective and safe. Unlike medication, there are no side effects. Pet heating pads do not cause too much of heat and there is no risk of overheating or burns.
  • Another benefit of a heating pad is its use for newborn puppies. You can get a whelping heating pad that can be placed in the whelping den. This gives young puppies warm and comfortable, which is essential for their good health.

Getting Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis


There are different types of pet heating pads to choose from. You can select the pad depending on your needs. The following information will help you decide which heating pad to get for your pet.

  • An Orthopaedic heating pad is the best option for pets with arthritis. Since arthritic pain can cover more than one area, you need a large pad that delivers more heat in a uniform way. An orthopaedic heating pad is designed in such a way that it can be used for a long time. The pad comes with multiple layers. This prevents overheating and ensures uniform heat distribution. This is the best type of heating pad for larger pets.
  • For smaller pets or pets not having too severe pain, you can consider an electric heating pad, a thermal heating pad, or a microwavable heating pad.
  • Electric heating pads have wires and there is the risk of pets chewing on them. Use them only if you are confident your pet won’t try to chew the cords.
  • Thermal heating pads use a reflective layer that reflect the pet’s body heat back to it. This is safe since the heat never exceeds the pet’s body heat.
  • A microwavable heating pad contains a gel that is heated when you place it in a microwave. It retains heat for a longer time and can be helpful for dogs with arthritis.