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Kits for Whelping

Kits for Whelping

whelping kit

Kits for Whelping are essential even if you have plenty of experience with pregnant dogs, you will realise that helping a dog safely deliver its litter takes plenty of work. Even experienced breeders can make mistakes. Therefore, it is essential for you to absorb all the necessary information and keep seeking new pieces of information that can help you and your dog through the process.

Caring for a pregnant dog is perhaps a bit more straightforward, but whelping is significantly trickier. To ensure your dog is comfortable and safe while giving birth, you need several supplies to make the process easier and devoid of complications. The two primary supplies you need are a whelping box and a whelping kit.

Of the two, a whelping kit consists of more technical tools, and you need to familiarise yourself with all of them to use them during whelping. While it can seem intimidating, whelping kits are easy to use and help dogs with birthing.

If you find your dog pregnant, you must start learning about whelping kits. Read this article to find out what the tools in a whelping box do and how you can use them in your first experience.

What Exactly Is A Whelping Kit?

By now, you must know that whelping refers to the literal act of a dog giving birth. Therefore, a whelping kit is only used when the birth of the litter is in process. As its name suggests, a whelping kit consists of several supplies that are needed to ensure the dog has a safe birth and the puppies are alive and well.

These supplies are used to cut the umbilical cord, determine when the dog is ready to give birth, and for other purposes. We highly recommend learning about whelping kits and how to use them as soon as you learn your dog is pregnant. Unlike humans, dogs are only pregnant for about 58-68 days, which is enough time to learn all about the whelping process.

What Supplies Should A Whelping Kit Consist of And What Do They Do?

A whelping kit is genuinely greater than the sum of its parts. All the supplies in the kit are included because they help perform an essential function during whelping. While you also include some extra supplies, a whelping kit should have some primary supplies that help ensure the safety of both the mother and the puppies.

Let’s take a look at these crucial whelping kit supplies and the functions they perform:

1. Unwaxed Dental Floss

Unwaxed dental floss is used to tie the puppy’s umbilical cord. It is essential to use the unwaxed kind of floss since it doesn’t slip or cut off the umbilical cord. The puppy’s umbilical cord then remains in place until it shrinks and disposes of itself.

2. Surgical Scissors or Umbilical Cord Scissors

While some people believe you can let the dog manage the umbilical cord, cutting the cord with sterilised surgical instruments is much more hygienic and reduces the risk of complications. Use a specialised umbilical cord scissor to cut the tube. These scissors minimise tissue damage and the risk of cord infection.

3. Suction Bulbs in Kits for Whelping

This device is essential for the survival of newborn puppies, and no whelping kit is complete without it. All puppies are born with blocked respiratory tracts, which need to be unblocked to help them breathe and survive.

Suction bulbs help clear mucus from airways such as the nose, throat, etc. Compress the bulb, place it in the nostril of the puppy, and gently remove compression. This will help suck out any mucus blocking the nostrils. Repeat it by placing the bulb in the mouth.

4. ID Bands

A dog usually gives birth to an entire litter of puppies. Having ID bands will help you differentiate between the puppies and care for them. We recommend different coloured ID bands to make recognising the puppies even easier.

5. Thermometer And Lubricant

It is essential to start recording your dog’s temperature after about 55 days of breeding since that is when the dog can give birth anytime. A dog’s temperature drops significantly before whelping. Therefore, keeping track of the temperature will help determine whether your dog is about to enter labour. Dog’s rectal temperatures are taken. Therefore, always use lubricants to avoid any discomfort for your dog.

6. Weighing Scales are in most Kits for Whelping

It is essential to weigh puppies just after birth to ensure whether they are healthy or underweight. Just like humans, puppies should be weighed for up to several months to know their health and the treatment if a puppy is chronically underweight. Weighing the puppies also helps detect any health issues early.

7. Whelping Forceps

Dogs have the longest reproductive tract of any mammal. Therefore, some complications can occur during vaginal birth, where a puppy can get stuck in the birth canal. For these instances, your whelping kit should have forceps to help clamp the puppy and get it out.

We highly recommend watching tutorials on how to use these forceps. If you are not confident, leave the birth to a vet rather than risk anything.  Experienced breeders use forceps all the time; if you want, you can learn to use the forceps to help your dog.

Make sure to keep lots of antibacterial hand wipes, rubber gloves, alcohol swabs, and hand sanitiser to make the entire process completely hygienic and safe.

Final Thoughts on Kits for Whelping

Whelping can be challenging and nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first experience. It can be difficult to take in all the information, make a checklist, and gather all the supplies for a whelping kit.

Petnap has assembled a reasonably well-priced whelping kit with all the necessary supplies. If you are looking for a whelping kit in the UK, visit our website now and discover whelping kits and several other products, which will make whelping an effortless experience for you and your beloved dog.