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Pet beds and pads

Petnap Pet beds and pads

Pet beds and pads
Pet beds and pads – Click Bed Image

Pet beds and pads purchased from petnap can add to the well-known fact that pets love the warmth! If you have a conservatory you will know first-hand that any cat or dog loves to get in there on a sunny day and bask in the sun. Similarly if you have an area of your house which the light falls on and creates a lovely warm patch of carpet, you will often find your cat or dog sleeping comfortably there whenever they can! Most cats and dogs will quickly learn how to regulate their body temperature; they have highly acute heat sensitivity receptors on their body allowing them to seek cool and warmth as required. Any owner will know how much their pet loves to snuggle up to them on cold days to share their warmth, whether on the sofa or in your own bed!

Providing your pet with their own bed will give them their own territory, their personal space and a source of warmth for colder days or when they are feeling under the weather. Particularly if you own a breeding queen or bitch, providing a warm bed will offer an area for nesting and resting during breeding season. Petnap offer a leading range of pet beds. These include heated beds and soft beds, heat pads for dogs and pet fleece bedding. If you are looking for a comfortable sleeping place ( which isn’t your sofa or bed!) visit Petnap. 

To order or find out more about heat pads for dogs please Google Petnap.